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Love is the answer with Sarah Anand Anma

Sarah Anand Anma: Welcome to Love is the Answer podcast with Sarah Anand Anma. Today I am very fortunate to have my very dear friend; RIK from Switzerland with me. My dear friend RIK is an entrepreneur. He’s a bestselling brand creator in the cosmetic niche, he’s also a philanthropist …

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Your self-image is the most essential key to your success. RIK ASSFALG reminds you on how your self image greatly influences your success. Transcript: Hello, hello, hello. And (yodel) I still cannot yodel but I want to welcome you here is Switzerland. This is a Swiss podcast with RIK ASSFALG. …

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Responsible Role Versus Being a Victim. A Comparison


RIK ASSFALG makes a comparison between two roles; being a victim and being responsible. And what being responsible really means. Transcript: Hey, hey, hey and (yodel) a very warm welcome from Switzerland. My name is RIK ASSFALG. R-I-K A-S-S-F-A-L-G and you are right, this name is kind of weird but …

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