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Are You Still Using Price As Competitive Advantage?

In these days and ages, products, services, and even brands are very homogeneous. There’s no big difference between brand A and B, product C and D, or service E and F. What can we do to stand out of the crowd, to make people believe that we are better, that we are more trustworthy? What can we do to make a hungry crowd of people hungry for our product, service or our brand, with a lot of money to give back to us, believe that we are worth it?

We can simply do what we, as humans, have always done. We can tell the better story. We can tell a story. We, as humans, have been conditioned to listen to stories forever. This used to be a survival thing. One tribe told another tribe a story so they could tell their neighbor tribe a story. We could have protection from what we think was dangerous for us or we could have benefits from what we think is good for us. One tribe finds out coconut milk is good and coconuts are on these trees. They tell a story that this guy went out, the coconut fell on his head and smashed open and he drank it and it was great for him. That story sticks with us, right?

We can remember stories so much better than facts and data. Facts and data is easy to store too, but stories we will never forget. Why? The difference is story has an emotion to it. We feel something when we hear a story. When we tell a story, we feel the same thing. We remember stories with feelings. We store them in our memories with feelings. Facts and data we store differently. We store them without any emotions. We store them as pure, logical facts. Stories are crucial. Now that we are aware of that fact, how can we tell a better story? We want to tell the better story so people can relate to our product, our service and what we are offering and love buying from us and repeatedly, hopefully, buying from us. This is our goal.

How can we do this? How can we reach this? In this course that I’ve set up for you, I want to give you three examples of what you can do today. To double-check how your storytelling is and to find out what you can improve today to make your story work better for you, to tell the better story. This is what we want; we want to tell the better story. Who has the best story, wins. It’s not about the product. I’ve been selling lipsticks for a while, and our lipsticks are awesome. The quality is great, don’t get me wrong, we have got the best quality in the world, but our customers doesn’t know that until they’ve tried it, so what do we do? We tell them the better story. It’s easy to make lipsticks and sell them. It’s not easy to sell them better than anybody else. What do you have to do? You have to tell the better story.



RIK ASSFALG is an entrepreneur, best-selling brand creator in the cosmetic niche, philanthropist and strategy and high-performance coach and mentor.

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