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The question really is not, “Are you a great contributor yet to the world with what you have to say?” I believe when you’re here you have an inner urge, you have a feeling already that you should be out there saying something, as a speaker, as an author, as an actor, as a whatever it is, as a product creator, as an entrepreneur. You have something within you that is not silenceable; it is there. You could sit on the sofa eating chips and watching soccer or football, but you’re not. You’re here; you’re invested in something. You invest your time into this. You will invest money into your learning. You’re will invest money into your mentors. You will invest your hard earned cash into something that brings you even further; that makes you even more attractive to the audiences that you’re striving for.

How do we do that? It is a lot of things that come into play, but one of the most important critical things that young brands, and also established brands, forget is story telling. It is always 95% about what you tell and how you tell it. We must make sure that you tell the better story with your brand, with your product, with your service. How can you get the attention in this noisy, noisy, crazy, crowded, overwhelmed, anxious world? How can you get the attention of the world?

We’ve got to do it in a way that people care. We’re going to do it in a way that people understand, even though they don’t want to listen to you. They will understand you and they will find out that what you say is actually attractive to them, that what you want to say or you have to say is actually something that they really want. How do we make that? How do we create that? We tell them the better story than all our other competitors than everybody who wants to be in the same niche than we are. We’ve got to tell them a story that really attracts them; that makes them understand where we’re coming, what’s in for them. That’s very important.

We must tell them a story, I repeat that, that makes them understand where we’re coming from and what is in for them, what can we bring to the table for them. They must understand where we’re coming from and they must understand where we’re taking them to. Because every prospect, every student wants to become, that’s their biggest dream. If they know it or they don’t it. If they don’t it, then they feel it. Their biggest dream is to come from point A, overcome an obstacle and come to point B. We want to show them what the next right step is, because what is success? What is an achievement?

Do the right thing often. Do the right thing, then do the next right thing, then do the next right thing, then do the next right thing, and stack little achievements. That is success, stack little successes that is achievement, same thing. Stack your successes, little success, little victories. Stack those victories that is success and that success becomes an achievement. It’s like when you establish those little success routines into your life by changing your thinking, changing your behavior, changing your pricing, changing your office, changing your copy, changing your videos, changing the way you distribute things, changing your message to the channel; that is what eventually brings your breakthrough.

That is what really makes the difference between you and any other brand, because there’s a lot of brands out there that were lucky that they were at the right time at the right place, with maybe something funny. But how long do they dominate a market? Not very long most of them. It’s a constant balance and a challenge and a great task. It’s a great task, it’s big fun also, to question what does my brand contribute? What do I have for the world to bring people from point A to B, and how can I make them understand it? How do they understand that I’m there for them? How do I tell a better story that they understand I will bring them from point A to point B.

There’s what we’re doing, we generosity surprise them, with a lot of great things that we give to them. This is a proof of what we’re capable of course. We always over deliver because we live in an abundant world but energy balance is a very important factor. Most people underestimate that, and most brands never think about that. That is a big advantage for us, because if we over deliver every time, if our generosity surprises, and I give you the content of generosity surprise real quick if you’re not familiar with my term of generosity surprise.

Generosity surprise is never promise anything that you cannot keep. Promise low, deliver high. Promise love, deliver high. If somebody asks something from you, you promise something that you’re 100% that you can deliver 130% to 150% of what you promised. That is the first promise, right? You promise low, you deliver high. That means you already over deliver. Then what kicks in is the extra mile, it’s the generosity surprise. You generosity surprise the other party with not only delivering 150% of what was promised 100%, you tried to overcome your own best delivery, your own best value. You tried to over- achieve (uber-achieve) for not the other party only, but this for you this time because the first time when you delivered a 120% to 150%, you knew that you can do it. You promised low; you delivered high.

Now the generosity surprise is something that we put out karmically, for our brand, for our product, for our company and for ourselves we say that we deliver 100%, we deliver 150%, and then after that we are trying aiming for the moon. We try to achieve a delivery of up to 200%, 300%, 500%, 10X of what we promised. What do you think will if we do that everything we promise something? Every time we deliver something? Will that come back to us? Of course, it will. That is generosity surprise. That generosity will come back to us invaluable because we are on a constant mission to make ourselves better, to make us the best selves we can ever be, we can ever dream of, we can ever aspire to. That is very important.

We tell a better story, we generosity surprise with our brand, and we keep track on metering, monitoring what stories work. In these days and age of technical commodities, we’re very lucky. That used to be very, very complicated, these days it’s a few technical things that we have to manage. We can also outsource to an assistant or service, and I will show them to you. We can dominate the tribe that is following us. We can read their minds. We can deliver into their hearts by really measuring, metering what it is that helps them and serves them most.

By measuring and metering what helps them most and serves them the most, when we care about them, and this is what I assume that you do, that’s why you’re here, that’s why you invest into yourself, into your brand, into your learning, because you want to serve on the highest, best level, and develop yourselves on the way there to the highest, best possible you. This is the mission. This is the whole circle. The better we become, the better we can deliver. The more lovable we become, the more we love ourselves, the more love we can put into our products and our services, the more we can give out, the more people we can reach with love and the more love will multiply. This is the whole concept of this academy.

I wish you a great blessed day, and I look forward to working with you. There’s different levels that we offer this to people. You can just buy the course and go through it yourself, and you will change your life. It will change your thinking about branding, about offers, about products, about markets. This will change your life already. Then if you’re ready enough for the next step, then you should really talk to us about one on one coaching, group coaching, other things, the bigger universities that we’re offering. We are there to help you out, so don’t worry, you should just get started and change your life, your brand, your success, your achievement for good right now.

You should just dare the first logical step and then we show you how to do the next logical steps. We’re there for you every step of the way, and we need you to understand this, to make better brands, to make better products, to make the world a better place because we can’t do it on our own. Each of you has a great valuable thing to say, a great valuable product to sell, a great valuable brand to create. The more we can share what we’ve learned about how things work for the better, the more people like you we´ll reach, this is a big multiplier to create great value for everybody on this planet.

This is our final goal. This is why we want to do it. We want to give you our best that we know to share with you so you can apply it and you can make things happen for your benefit, but most importantly for the benefit of everybody who profits from what you have to deliver, from what you have to share, from what you have to give. This is the ultimate goal we have in here. Have a great blessed day. I love you from the bottom of my heart. Take good care and do well and be blessed.

I wish you a great, awesome, blessed day. Try to be not judgmental. Try not to judge anybody, including yourself. Be good. Do well. Give open heartedly. Expect back, but don’t require back from the person, or the thing, or the cause you gave it to, because in the end, energy will balance out, and you will receive back big time, but don’t require it back from the person you just gave it to. I love you. Say, “I love you” more. Say, “I care for you” more. Cherish the people that surround you. Give them love. If you want to be loved, you should be lovable first. Generosity surprise people and try to be the most lovable person in the room. If you want to be loved, become lovable first, and believe in one love. I love you, and I can’t wait to talk to you next time. See you around next time, and have a great, blessed day.

 RIK ASSFALG generosity-surprise

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RIK ASSFALG is an entrepreneur, best-selling brand creator in the cosmetic niche, philanthropist and strategy and high-performance coach and mentor.

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