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Our Soulistic Plan: Live a Life in Love

The reason for love is love. As logical as this sounds sometimes we tend to forget it. Imagine one of your friends who has a really dreadful experience and a hard time finding real love. I know many of my good friends, male and female, who are dear people, they have the perfect body, they have a great career, they have a great life, a great standard quality of life. They can do whatever they want, and still there’s something missing within them. Sometimes they realize it and sometimes they don’t realize it immediately but they will find out in the long run, because if we live without love life isn’t worth living really.

The amount of love you can handle is very individual subjectively different. Some people are surrendered with love; some people are surrounded and live love to a degree that love is melted into every word they say, into every action they take, into every thought they think. Some people not so much. It depends on where you are in your cosmic soulistic situation and station. Life is really about love. If you love life, then you better love love too because wherever we put our energy in, energy will come out. It’s actual equals reaction; that’s a physical fact that happens all the time, if we want it or not.

Action equals reaction. If we push somewhere, the other thing pulls back or eventually breaks. The amount of energy is always the same. Think about that in your love relationships, in your social life, in your family life. How much love do you want to be in your life? If you feel lonely sometimes, if you feel as something’s missing, if you feel that there could be more love, if you miss a feeling, probably it’s love. How do you claim love? You’ve got give love first. You’ve got to give love first.

Who do you give love first most importantly? To yourself. If you’re able to love yourself deeply, openly, and without any restrictions or self-judgement. If you openly love what you are, who you are, why you are, what you see when you look in the mirror, then love is already in your life. This is half the rent, love yourself first. It’s a little bit like in the airplane. If you fly, then the announcement is always, “In the case of an emergency please make sure you’re self first then help other guests.” In life it’s a little bit similar, try to love yourself first, learn to love yourself first, openly from a deep open, honest heart. Become the most lovable you, you can be, become the best you you can achieve and can imagine, can visualize and can finally shape, and then you will see what happens in your life.

Everything falls lovable in place. If you want to be loved become lovable first, that’s an old rule, actual equals reaction. Please, please don’t love only on Valentine’s day. Please love every moment of your life. Learn to appreciate more. Learn to express your love. Tell people you love them. Men, it is not a shameful thing to do that. It is something that will get you very, very far. You will love this once you fully understand the concept. Love more, love more, love more. I love you. Talk to you very soon.

(../.. excerpt from RIK ASSFALG www.rik.live with kind generous permission to use)



RIK ASSFALG is an entrepreneur, best-selling brand creator in the cosmetic niche, philanthropist and strategy and high-performance coach and mentor.

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