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Describe A Perfect Match!

If I asked you for your perfect partner, how would you describe him/her?

What would you wish for if you could have them all, who would you choose? Which habits and characteristics, looks and features would come to your mind?

Have you ever REALLY thought about it?

Let´s do it right now together. Come on… do this magic excercise with me and I guarantee you´ll have a breakthrough moment, deal? – Awesome! >> close your eyes and visualize your perfect partner, a perfect match. What would you come up with?


When you open your eyes and read this, note down all you can come up, all that is presently on your mind.

Now draw a line, horizontally. Take a deep breath – and now write down all you DON´T want your partner to be. All the things you cannot stand in your life. Go on, write all that´s in you right now.


Got it done? You rock. Now draw another horizontal line and write quickly, what you can bring to the table, really what makes the difference if someone would take you. What would you bring to the table? Ready?  –  Write!



Awesome… Compare the three lists. Which one is longer? Why do you think is that so? And what can you conclude of the fact? Are your wishes in the clouds? Are you aiming too high? Are you only considering outer values and forgot about the inner benefits, that make you happy in a day-to-day relationship?

Do you bring enough to the table or do you only expect from the perfect other?

Some of you have done perfect I am sure, but many of us will have to re-think the concept, yes or no?!

I did the excercise with many clients. And I found it very valuable to define the perfect match, the ideal other with 1 tagline, 1 slogan as a result of the new insights.

I´d recommend you do this, too. And please don´t be surprised, if your result is more humble than before the exercise. And mazbe it=s for the better for you.

My perfect match tagline is:


  • SOMEONE who loves me unconditionally the way I am and what I will become, someone who allows me to unconditionally love him/her back.

Cause love wins anytime and joy and love are the only two things that multiply when shared.

NOTE THAT DOWN and make it a greater day


I care. So, feel free to leave your feedback and share this on your own web-projects.

  1. Tell me your perfect match?
  2. Did this excercise reveal anything new to you?
  3. Did anything become more present for you now?



RIK ASSFALG is an entrepreneur, best-selling brand creator in the cosmetic niche, philanthropist and strategy and high-performance coach and mentor.

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