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Tell the better story… 3 Act Marketing

Let’s ask ourselves for a second here, when do we want to tell a story to somebody that we care about? A story that we heard, when do we want to share that? When the story impacted us with great emotions, right? Right. That is what we want to try to create with our brand, with our service, with our product. We want to create a story around it that someone who cares about the product, somebody we have in mind, will get emotionally involved and has to tell the story to as many people he cares about, she cares about, as possible.

That is called the viral effect of marketing/social sharing… It’s mouth to mouth, it’s viral, it’s guerrilla marketing, whatever you call it. We call it 3 Act Marketing because we want to control that. We want to control what people hear about our story, what they remember about our story and how we continue telling our story. That is a biggie here.

It’s not just establishing one story like, “Yeah, there might be Coke and Coca-Cola.” Yeah, but okay. So what? That’s something we can tell once. A story that you tell once and it doesn’t evolve becomes boring overtime, correct? Yes. We want to emphasize really on story telling here. We have a 3 Act Marketing plan that we do. There worksheets for that you can get contacting us. 

This workshop helps us to structure the real essence of the story. We want to hammer away all the boring about our story; we don’t want boring. We want emotions, we want excitement, we want to be special. We want that story to impact deeply our avatar prospect or as I call them future customers because a prospect you notice something and its prospect. We want future customers. We want people to join our clan. We want them in our family of our product, our service or our brand. We want them to become the messenger, the ambassador, for our brand and we want them to identify with the stories that we give to them, right?

Here are some examples: MARLBORO. What pops up in your mind at first? This is varied depending on what generation you are, right? If you are from the 70’s or earlier in your mind should pop up the cowboy, the big freedom, the Marlboro Adventure tours, smoking with a cowboy hat on, beautiful freedom with a horse in the landscape. Cowboy stories, right? That turn to adventure stories with jeep safaris et cetera. If you’re after the 90’s, you might connect it with that. Lung cancer and the guy died from that thing, so this is a controversial one, but either story stuck with you, correct? Correct.

Let’s take another one: McDonald’s, what is the story of McDonald’s? McDonald’s used to be quick and friendly hamburgers and you wanted to have fries with that, correct? Correct. Then which other story did they tell? They told a story that they are children friendly. They put Ronald McDonald and all the charity he does with that so parents would support it and would go there to celebrate their children’s birthday there. The story is you can celebrate your birthday in a McDonald’s restaurant with burgers, isn’t that awesome? They will even sponsor your party for you, right? That is the story they tell.

What story are they telling today? Because they have competition like Subway and all the healthy stuff and they’ve competition like Starbucks too so they tell two different stories now. They tell a story of organic meat from the region. They tell the story of their employees who are dedicated and interested that you have the freshest sell outs from the region et cetera and they have Starbucks on their neck. What will they do? They tell the story that McDonald’s can do coffee and donuts and cakes and everything that Starbucks has. They did not collaborate with Starbucks they created their own brand. They tell their own story about their own coffee and its McCafé now.

You got your favorite newspaper in the morning. You got your favorite breakfast stuff. There was always breakfast in McDonald’s, but there was no Starbucks at McDonald’s. They tell the Starbucks stories now and their coffee is, of course, good and stuff so watch what happens next. Be an observer of what they will tell next, which story McDonald’s will tell next because they’re ingenious. McDonald’s puts millions and hundreds of millions into their storytelling.

Let’s take another brand. Let’s take Red Bull. Red Bull, very interesting story. Red Bull started out as a drink from Austria that was not allowed in many countries only in pharmacies. Did you know that? That is crazy, isn’t it? It was only allowed in pharmacies like a prescribed product, a prescribed drug almost. Why? Because taurine is in it and also they said there’s high doses of caffeine and people also were suspicious of the blood of the Taurus, bull blood, and stuff.

There was all kind of rumors. Do you think those were by accident? No, my friend. If you have ever seen the Red Bull headquarters and if you are aware and if you’re not I tell you that Red Bull does not even have their own manufacturing. They manufacture with a collaboration partner. They don’t have their own manufacturer. Red Bull is a pure marketing company. What is it that they do? They tell a story. The stories were all planted into people’s minds they made that emotionally.

I remember when I was a teenager every chance we got to go to Austria being with the school choir, being with the Pathfinders, being with friends or something. We used it to go there and buy Red Bull and drink Red Bull and we were flushed. Were we really flushed? We don’t know maybe it was plausible but was it a great story? It sure was. It made us even smuggle back some of the cans to our original country and to be cool at school when we had the real Red Bull, right?

Later when it was available in other countries like Germany and the rest of Europe even then the story was that Red Bull is just stronger in Austria. Why? Because they’d put in their extra ingredients. What was it? We don’t know but it made us suspicious. It made us fantasize about what it could be made us tell and retell a story. Then, what did Red Bull do? A genius step, they told another story.

They told Red Bull can make you fly and they proved it by supporting, by sponsoring, the craziest ever sports events in the world. Where motorcycles, bicycles, people with parachutes, crazy skateboarders et cetera were literally flying. They were flying like you’ve never seen before. Those were the beginnings of extreme sports and whose helmets did they wear? Whose outfit did they wear? Whose flags were in every picture? Of course, Red Bull. Why? Because Red Bull told us a story of extreme sports that was their new story. Did you want to retell it and tell it to all your friends? Of course, you did. I did, right? What does that make? It makes you want to drink more Red Bull.

Then they told the story Nightlife. Red Bull became the #1 mix ingredient to all the vodkas, all the Coca-Colas, even the champagnes et cetera. It became a fashionable party scene thing. Why? Coincidence? Of course not. Red Bull told a story of fashion, Fashion TV, of, you know, models who drank Red Bull. They told a story of the fancy, the posh people in the world, drinking Red Bull and Red Bull told a story of being a luxury item.

One can of Red Bull still till today costs a multiple of what a normal brand of vodka does, energy drink would cost and people still buy it. Red Bull sells approximately 8 to 12 billion cans of Red Bull a year. That is every earthling in the world drinks at least one can on average in the world and most of them drink more than that, right? That is the picture. Of course, many people don’t drink it but imagine how many cans they sell. That is crazy, isn’t it?

Red Bull then goes on. Red Bull tells another story they fly even higher. Red Bull sponsors all the flying events. The acrobatic flying events with the airplanes, right? They go from skateboards and bikes and bicycles to airplanes so they sponsor the airplanes. Red Bull flies higher. They tell a story of flying even higher. What do they do after that? They go even higher they sponsor the big ballooning events. They go even higher than the sports planes then the banner.

Red Bull tells the story of Felix Baumgartner. Felix Baumgartner in 2014/15 they tell a story of Felix Baumgartner rising to the universe and jumping down in a parachute. Guess what helmet he wears? Guess what outfit he wears? Guess what each press conference’s logo is? Red Bull. Red Bull is the king of the universe and you know what? They tell the story of the astronaut’s dream. They tell the story of Felix Baumgartner who wants to become an astronaut and jump down from that universe thing … From the platform somewhere in the universe. They tell that story, isn’t that awesome?

You know what? Not only the people retell that story and that is the collective genius of that, no. The whole world press, the whole world TV stations, the whole world networks, radio networks, TV networks. The whole world shouted live. It was streamed live to every country in the world. It was streamed live on the internet. It was streamed and was it an event? Yes. Was it a commercial for Red Bull? Yes!!!

What can we learn from these true story tellers? We can learn that a product, a service or brand, is not just what people buy. It is the ore that swings with the product or service of the brand. It is what we think it is. It makes us believe in something more, something bigger, something higher in the product. This is the big key of the 3 Act Marketing. We developed a workshop that clearly let’s us think deeply about what a brand, a service and a product are, what swings with it and what story we could tell with it. (…excerpt… achieverprogram.com friendly permission granted to blog owner.)


RIK ASSFALG is an entrepreneur, best-selling brand creator in the cosmetic niche, philanthropist and strategy and high-performance coach and mentor.

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