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Energy: Action that Leads to Reaction

Today I would love to talk about energy, coz energy is everything, I mean we are all energy, right? Energy is the one thing that connects us all, energy is the one thing that we’re consist of, energy is the thing that we give in and get out of things. What we give in is what we get out and ‘actio’ is ‘reactio’ and if we understand that, this is the advanced belief of the achiever system, of things like universal truth, of things like “the secret”, if we profoundly understand that the thing we give in is the thing that we get out, this is what really gives us a big push. I invite you to listen to this episode because I’m gonna go deep with my thoughts I feel today and I would love to share with those who can use it and can probably have a good and a valuable way of using it and making something good with it. That is my biggest wish for you.


My thinking about energy is this: Energy is omnipresent; it comes from an electric power source like we plug in our computer in the wall that is energy. That is stored energy that comes out, transformed in voltage and can empower our computer, that’s great. So this energy had been produced somewhere it had been stored, had been transferred to a place where we could plug on to it. And we took it out, that energy, and give it in and we consumed it somewhere. Can we consume more energy when somebody gives in? For sure, you know the answer, no we can’t. But can we mirror all the energy or would all the energy that has been created balanced back to level, back to zero? You know the answer too, the answer is yes. And this little metaphor, this little picture is something that is very profoundly important for our thoughts about how the world works, how the universe works, really. How things make some people more successful and others not although they have the same circumstances in a way.


I’m not a teacher, I’m a student of life as you are and I am not here to teach or to preach. I just want to share and feel blessed to have been able to do that, what I have learn and experience and hope that it’s valuable and finds valuable, fruitful soil in some of you who can use it and bring it to the next level, that is my biggest wish and I really want to emphasize how much energy is also a real elevator, in a way, for ideas, for thoughts, etc. Because the energy that we put into things is the energy that somewhere else reflects back, we had that already but it’s so important I need to repeat it.


Let’s take another example to make it more clear, what I mean. If you have an idea, ideas become thoughts, right? Ideas creates things and ideas are really there to be caught and transformed and implemented in what we want to make of them, because idea itself is worthless unless it’s really implemented, unless it’s really taken into real world status. And that status is not so difficult to reach, that status from idea to reality has to do with energy. And in this moment I don’t need, and I’m not talking about the energy of a power plant as we just talked about, this moment I mean the form of energy of how well can you believe in your idea. How much can you really focus on your positive energy to create that form that has been wandering around your mind for this and that long? How much can you concentrate on your ideal outcome, on your vision of your idea until it has been done, until it has been fulfilled? How long can you do that? This is energy, and we need to be clear on that, we need to have that in mind if we want to…


So when we think further about energy, have you ever wondered how much energy you spent in your life to justify what you cannot do in your life? Have you ever wondered how many times you said “This is not possible.”, instead of focusing on what is possible? I invite you to just make a quick addition, just mental, quick summary of how many thoughts you believed you have been wasting; or using; to justify what’s not possible and why you can’t do what you might dream of. And if you justified, this is good enough for you or this is your satisfied or you’re okay, or you’re fine, I am here to tell you this is too little, this is not enough. You need to re-sharpen those energies within you and really create a vivid vision of what you want to accomplish and then learn ways, methods and strategies, best practices and implement what works for others to define and reach your next level for you. You need to get ready enough to reach your dreams. You need to get ready enough to live a fulfilled life, you need to get ready enough to be who you want to be. And I hear you screaming, justifying, and arguing right now. Like “RIK! How do you think that’s possible? I have five children, I have this, I have that,” whatever it is that you’re telling me, I know. I know that you’re right, but you know what, others have that too and they lived your dream. Let me repeat that, others have your challenges too, but they lived your dream, your dream. Right? Think about that. Your dream is so possible, you just find ways to excuse, to justify why you can’t. Why you shouldn’t, why it’s not the right time, why you don’t deserve, why first you need to, et cetera.


I have come here today to give you permission to dream bigger, to shine louder, to implement what you are envisioning, to do what you want to do to finally get ready enough to achieve that life that you’re dreaming about. That you’ve fantasizing, that you ultimately want in your life. You want this life, this is your dream, whose permission are you waiting for? You need permission? I gave it to you I’m willing to go. It doesn’t matter if I do or if I don’t, it’s your life. But if you need permission, if you wait for somebody to permit that to you before you implement, before you get active, before you do, you have my permission now so what’s your next excuse? You don’t have any. Go and implement now, how do you do that? I’ll give you a five point program right now to implement. Once you understand this, you can reach your next level in a fraction of time.


  1.       You need to get clear on what you want.
  2.       Get clear on what your best outcome looks like.
  3.       Get clear on what you’re not having anymore, what you’re not doing.
  4.       What is a no go for you.
  5.       Go the fuck out and do it. Move your lazy ass, go out and do it!

Nobody will do it if you don’t, it’s not a gift, it’s a hassle my friend. Life is live, this is not a rehearsal where you talk about things and don’t do them and pussy out a minute it comes. You can’t do that, if you want to be successful you’ve gotta do what successful people do. I gave you five steps a minute ago, use them, implement them, write it down and then study what achievers do.


Sign up for achieverprogram.com, it’s the best investment you can ever make in your life if you want to reach something that you haven’t reached yet. It is not a cheap program but it is top notch, world-class, excellence teaching of habits, behavioral exercises, tools and best practices from people who are there where you inspire to be. So if you surround yourself with the best people in the world that is only gonna be better for you. The five people that you surround yourself with is the five people you become. You become the common denominator of the five people that you surround yourself with, and if your brother or your mother, your sister and your spouse, let’s say is in the same level as you are, you have one more person to choose. And if it’s your best friend and he always thinks you’re the coolest, you’re the best, you’re the most successful and what you have is so cool and easy, it’s time to rethink the structure that you have created around you. And I say this in the most honest, most respectful and most loving way, but it’s scientifically proven, and the five people you’ll surround yourself with is the common denominator what you’re going to be, what habits you’re going to adapt and the way you’re going to ultimately be.


So my friend, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, so much from the bicycle for today, I know we did not go too deep into things. We were deep, deeper than you think now that we are back ride, we just scratched into surface of things. What I can do is I can offer you, I bike everyday with Baby Jean here, she loves biking, I love biking, so we do that every day and we can invite you back here to a little bikecast, to a little episodes and if you want to go deeper, if you want to study more of what we talked about then I gave you the references and I will put some links under these videos as well, and under these audios depending on where you’ll hear us and consume us.


Achieverprogram.com is one that I would ultimately recommend to everybody who’s really serious about becoming more successful in life. It’s simpler than you think, really, once you know how it works but it’s true for everything, right? What I really recommend doing is signing up to achieverprogram.com and listen back and share our bikecast here and we all have a good time and we ultimately create a better place in the world for everybody. Because if more people are fulfilled and if more people really lived their dream and contribute to serve on a higher and better level, the one that they are meant to serve on the one that they can really shine with people, the better and this is the mission.
My name is RIK ASSFALG, R-I-K-A-S-S-F-A-L-G, rik.live is my website and you’re more than welcome to share what you heard here with people you think might also be getting a value out of this. Let me finish this episode with reminding us of “karma fucks best”, what we give in is what we ultimately get out. And just because you do well that doesn’t mean that you’re having a good life. Just because you’re doing financially well or resourcefully good it doesn’t mean that you’re fulfillment is really on the level that it could be or should be. Be good and do well, don’t judge people, believe in “love wins” and go out and fuckin make a better day tomorrow keep doing that and I am not afraid of any future for you, for me and for everybody. My name is RIK ASSFALG and I love you!


RIK ASSFALG is an entrepreneur, best-selling brand creator in the cosmetic niche, philanthropist and strategy and high-performance coach and mentor.

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