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If Honesty Surprises You, We need to Talk

RIK ASSFALG shares a story on how honesty surprises people nowadays and how surprising that his honesty surprises them. How have we turned to complication.


Hey! Hey! Hey! This is RIK, RIK ASSFALG, A-S-S-F-A-L-G-R-I-K, RIK ASSFALG the name is weird but that’s the only one I have so get used to it. RIK ASSFALG and rik.live is the website. And you are listening to my podcast karmafucksbest.com. Welcome! Welcome, welcome, welcome, it is a beautiful day, I’m in Europe. I’m in Austria today, had some very nice business meetings. It’s a day to go until the weekend so the mood is good and things are amazing. Life is beautiful isn’t it? It is!


And I wanted to talk about something very interesting, quickly. I just went to buy a tool for my new house, okay? So I wanted to share a cool story with you. I went to buy a hoover today, a vacuum cleaner is what you call it, right? In England they call it a hoover, in US I think they call it a vacuum cleaner or the other way around, it doesn’t matter. It’s the thing that cleans the house, that cleans out all the hair from the monkeys with fur – my dogs. I have dogs, I adore them, I love them, they are the best dogs in the world. They are really loyal, true, beautiful souls and I love them dearly but they have a lot of hair and they love to distribute it wherever they go, wherever they sit, wherever they shake their beautiful fur.


I decided it’s time for one of those combined models, I do have a Dyson. Can I say Dyson? Yeah it’s my podcast, I can say whatever the beep I want. If I buy a Dyson I can say Dyson. Dyson, Dyson, Dyson, Dyson, Dyson. I do have a  Dyson, an animal turbine, I have several of them but those are really limited in terms of cleaning the thing. They just suck off the dirt, they don’t clean and there’s another company; Floor Work. I don’t know if you have them wherever you are, but they are globally known, I think it’s an  M.L.M. system or something crazy. I don’t care! But their vacuum cleaners, their hoovers are really, really famous for having a great quality.


I remember my mother had one of those, like.. I don’t know… 30 years ago or so and I still remember that she was very protective for that little thing and not that she was kind of weird with it but she was protective because she said it was a quality thing, it has great quality, it’s robustic, that is just my image of it. So I thought it’s time to buy a couple of those guys and I made a call this morning because you don’t get them. They want to send one of those weird Mary Kay type ladies to come to your house and throw dirt everywhere and clean it up again prove to you how well that thing works. And I don’t want that, I don’t like Mary Kay people in my house, I don’t want that It’s just not me. Nothing against them, I just don’t judge people you know that. You shouldn’t either, just as a side remark, I don’t want Mary Kay people in my house throwing around weird stuff and sucking it away, I don’t want that.


So I decided to make a quick google research and I found a shop, like a local shop for that and I drove maybe 45 minutes or so from where I had my last meeting and I was cool, you know, so i made a little turn around and I talked to them. They have all the stuff that I think I want, I don’t know yet I haven’t tried it, I just bought it there now and I reserved it and they say yes we have it and want to come. So I do all the formalities and I talked to the lady, the kind of Mary Kay lady again of course but she was very nice and she was there in my house and she didn’t, you know the dirt thing she made in her store that was cool, she could not do it. She took some Kellog’s Corn Flakes, can I say Kellog’s Corn Flakes? Of course it’s my podcast, I can say whatever I want. So she took some Kellog’s Corn Flakes and some kind of crisps and stuff and put them on the floor along with some coffee beans to show how cool that thing is, and I can tell you this hoover, this vacuum cleaner is really freaking awesome. It looks good, the design is awesome I have two robust from that company, they’re doing a very good job. They have a very small thing but they’re doing a very good job just cleaning the surface. But what I bought today is something very cool, it can wish-wash like it can clean wet and it can vacuum clean at the same time. That’s phenomenal and she proved it to me in Mary Kay style, I dirt up your house style in her shop.


So you know what all that is a nice story but that’s really not the point. Excuse my french, I beeped up here but you know the setting now. We’re coming to the core of today’s story because we’re here at karma fucks best, the podcast, right? And we want to know what this has to do with karma. Okay, what I wanted to tell you is this company sells vacuum cleaners, they sell them more expensively than everybody else because they have the system, because they have figured out how to do MLM, et cetera. How to scare city people and how to make their vacuum cleaners just a lot more expensive than anything else. And because I had taken this already and stuff, I decided to buy a couple of those and they have it in stock, so I did. And my bill was kind of a bigger one and I paid cash because you know in Germany you pay cash, and in Austria you pay cash, unlike the US, you pay cash if you have it, right? It’s more polite in a way, weird but that’s really true, so I paid cash and it was… I don’t know… it doesn’t matter, it was a couple of… it was an amount, whatever. So I paid and she was kind of embarrassed, kind of blushed a little bit embarrassingly and said like “Oh! I always wait for the receipt to give the change, I need to see that figure. I feel more secure giving out the money”. Sure no problem, let’s wait for your printer to print out the stuff and we’ll count it up together, no problem I’m not in a hurry, which is a lie, I am but she didn’t have to know and I didn’t want to be offensive. I totally understand, it’s a pressured situation and there were more people in the store, then again I don’t judge people and if she says she needs to do that and that makes her happy, whatever, all good with me I have my vacuum cleaner, I have my hoover.


So it was perfect and what happened was more and more people entered the little store, the little room and she get a little nervous and her printer was kind of slow in a way and finally spit out the invoice and she was counting it up and she was counting it in front of my very eyes and she was doing it wrongly. She was like 10 or 20 bucks wrong, okay? And I corrected her because I could have taken a 10-20… But it was 10 or 20 bucks like 1 bill. And I told her straight away. She said;  “now we’re correct.” And I said, “no, now we’re correct.”  And I gave it back to her and she just stared at me like she could not believe like I am from Mars or something, right? And then she said like, “are you sure?” And I said “yes, I mean you know, this and this, equals that. So you gave me 20 too much, right? So that’s yours. And she was like, so you know over the top surprised that somebody would do that. That is super surprised to me that somebody would be so surprised if somebody is being honest. And then you know what happened I said; “You know what, I bring my dogs quickly to the car. You can cope with all the invoice stuff here quickly. I come back and I take the things and…” And yeah she agreed. And until I come back she gave me like 2 or 3 bonus things like something to clean my glasses, like a towel. I did not even check it yet what it is and she gave me some I think filters or I don’t even know maybe chocolates. I don’t even know what it was but she had the urgency to compensate me for being honest and she said something. And this is the core theme of this podcast and you listening still to Karma Fucks Best in case you wonder where you are, right? Karmafucksbest.com.


I love that jingle.. So she said, “I had to give you that because you were honest to me. Isn’t that weird?  Let me repeat that, I just straightened out a little error, a little mistake she made because she was kind of nervous… So many people in the room and she had to give me money back and I paid with big bills so she maybe wasn’t used to that or something. She was nervous and she said, “I felt I had to compensate you for being honest to me. That shocked me. You know? Not because she said it. Not because she did something nice for me. I appreciate that so much you know, that was so lovely but I was shocked that… Reflect about it for a second with me. That means or that would mean that a high percentage to say it nicely of the population that would have taken the money that is not honest and you know what? That totally sucks. That’s so totally shocks me and you know what I replied? What would you have replied? Because we are in Karma Fucks Best and you know, this is really a core topic here. So what would you have replied if somebody says; “Yeah, it just felt you know, I had to give you that because you were honest to me?” I did not know what to say at first and then I said to her; “You know what I wasn’t honest to you, I was honest to me too.” Right? Because I could have taken that. But what can you buy from that 10 or 20 bucks? A burger menu with coke and fries with it or something? But what did you gain? seriously ? What did you gain with that? Does it make you more rich or more cool or do you have any real advantage of it in the standard that we all live in? I mean come on. And this is really where I felt wow, that was beautiful, you know. Beautiful happening. A beautiful moment in my life that little story with that lady in that shop.


And I don’t know. You know? For me it’s very normal but you know, thinking about how abnormal people react normally and the lady was a proof to it. She was so shocked that somebody was honest. Man, we gotta talk here, right? And that really proves that Karma Fucks Best podcast is very much needed and I urge you and I invite you to, and I lovably command you; be good to do well because you know, Karma Fucks Best and the universe hears everything. The universe hears even the things or especially even the things that you think you don’t think. Let me repeat that, that you think you don’t think, those are the loudest. So be careful what you do and what you think about you about others and don’t judge. Don’t judge others, don’t judge yourself. Be a believer, become an achiever and you know what? Then it’s really good if Karma fucks you back because that is beautiful.


If you do good and things become well; that’s a beautiful feeling. I would love you to share this message. Tell people about it. Make that story even more remarkable. Talk to people about what we just talked. Tell them, “Listen, I heard a story. There was a guy going to buy a hoover or a vacuum cleaner and the lady was a bit confused when giving back the change for the cash payment and she overpaid him and he gave it back and people normally don’t do that. What would you have done?” Ask somebody, ask somebody. And if they said; “I would have kept it.” Ask them “how much richer would that have made you by making you poorer? By making you a loser?” Ask that. Have that fun game.


My name is RIK ASSFALG this is Karma Fucks Best and I love you.


RIK ASSFALG is an entrepreneur, best-selling brand creator in the cosmetic niche, philanthropist and strategy and high-performance coach and mentor.

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