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Hey guys! my name is RIK ASSFALG, R-I-K-A-S-S-F-A-L-G, and this one is a profound thought for the true, advanced believers and advanced business people and marketers, and people who want to be that.




Hey! this is RIK, RIK ASSFALG, R-I-K-A-S-S-F-A-L-G. Yes the name is weird but get used to it, this is the only one I have yodel le heti, it’s nice to have you here, the yodel is my standard because I reside in Switzerland and I love it here. I’m at home in the world, and many of you meet everywhere around the world which is beautiful but home is really where the heart is. And if you take your heart wherever you go in the world it’s beautiful, but I reside in Switzerland so the yodel is kind of a symbol for my gratitude to be able to live in here it’s a beautiful country and things are really, really nice. I’m feeling very blessed to being able to live here.


That being said, a big shout out to everybody out there in the world and we’ll start with our topic. Our topic for today is like, what will you do when the internet gets switched off?

What to do you do when the internet gets switched off? What do you do? I cannot even say it, it’s so weird, what would you do if the internet gets switched off today? What would happen to your business? What would happen to your private life? What would happen to all that? And am I totally fantasizing, and am I totally crazy? Maybe, I hope this is a thought and it’s really not that attractive to the future but we never know, right? And once we never know, I’d like to be prepared because no hassle in heart, in what we achieved, what you achieved, what we build up in our businesses, in our brands and whatever we did, we should really consider a double, secure strategy and this is what I’m really inviting you to think about and I’m not solving this in this little podcast, and not today because this is an ongoing conversation.


And I would love to invite you to, because I think it’s very, very necessary to talk about it, to think about it and most probably in those crazy times that we are facing right now, you know, with terrorism, and stupid people around everywhere and politicians, who don’t know what’s next, etc. So things are really, really, really, let’s call them upside down to avoid any stronger language here, things are really upside down and we need to be prepared to a case B, let’s call it, right? And my strategy is to really establish staff that work online also and in an offline world and I’m trying to prepare the moment a lot of good outcome for everybody who is interested in that and just sign up to my channel and I would love to entertain you, and to support you and to share with you those things that derive from those thinking and hopefully they are valuable for you and hopefully they will make sense for you once we go deeper in detail.


My question for now is, and this is the purpose for this little episode, what is your biggest fear? What would you do? What is your biggest concern if the internet were turned off today? Or let’s weaken on that a little bit because maybe it’s not turned off, that would be the black out, you know, chaos will be everywhere. What if the internet were even restricted even more? What if there were like an internet police like really preventing from doing things, you know, I mean a lot of things on the internet right now and I’m talking about the legal that the white head stuff, let’s not even go into that, let’s not even think what else on the internet. In the white head world, a lot of things in the internet are not so really well regulated yet, and many people with a lot of success would not probably have that success in the real world if there wasn’t about hiding in the internet somewhere. Let’s just face it, just swallow that because that’s a true statement and I stand with it. If that was regulated and you are not the cool kid from the block anymore, your internet connection were controlled, your internet connection were cut off, what would be your biggest number one concern? The biggest problem you would have to solve let me know that. Comment on that, I’m super excited in that and looking forward to talking to you deeper, more deeply about that. I will, on my blog rik.live, on my podcast, I will discuss that and we will have a lot of insights on these new trends and how we can be prepared and what things can happen with that scenario and what would be a good strategy to avoid that. How to invest in a real world? How to give your business a good fundament in the real world, etc.? So I look forward to that conversation and sending you much love from here and talk to you very soon.


My name is RIK ASSFALG, R-I-K-A-S-S-F-A-L-G and rik.live is a website if you need more information and I love you. Bye!



RIK ASSFALG is an entrepreneur, best-selling brand creator in the cosmetic niche, philanthropist and strategy and high-performance coach and mentor.

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