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Brain is Ready Enough

The brain. A powerful tool that humanity is blessed with. RIK ASSFALG discusses on how we can use our brains towards achieving success.


So my big lesson learned today, again, was something that reminded me, that often, and I don’t know why this is, well I exactly know why this is but I don’t know why we, more often, avoid those kind of feelings, those kind of avoiding success happens. You don’t know what I’m talking about? Let’s become more concrete. This is Rik Assfalg, “Karma Fucks Best” podcast!

Hey, hello, this is Rik Assfalg! R-I-K-A-S-S-F-A-L-G, and yes the name is weird, just remember it – R-I-K-A-S-S-F-A-L-G add “.com”, is my website. Listen, why do we pussy out the moment things can get attractive for us. You know what I mean? This is crazy isn’t it? Whenever we get finally a step closer to where we want to be, we pussy out every now and then, why is that? Why do we always go the easy road? Why do our doubts become bigger that moment? Why does our braveness leave us in those moments? I can tell you why, because we are used as human beings for routines. When I say “we”, I mean our brain, our brain loves nothing more than routines – Standard Operating Procedures, ever heard of that? Right? That is what they use in military and very strict companies, and it’s a good thing if you use it creatively. We use it in our company, we’re not a strict company per say. But you know, in very strict regimes, there’s very clear standard operating procedures, whenever things need to do down without thinking, without change, with the very certain outcome, we need standard operating procedures. Think about that for a second, when you want to become more successful, what needs to happen first to change your actual situation that you want to change – and there I said it twice, right? So, what needs to happen first? Of course change, we need to change the status quo, if not, nothing else would change, nothing will happen for the better, all the worse, right?

So, let’s put this puzzle together, our brain loves routines – standard operating procedures, no change please, right? Why is that? Of course we’re learning, right? We’re on evolutionary, and why is that? Well, of course, we live their evolution, right? Still, we still develop you know, we don’t look like monkeys, at least most of us don’t. But we are still in the evolution of ourselves, right? Of our own race, of our own, you know, our human thing, whatever we are without including or excluding anybody. I’m speaking totally universal here. We love routines, our brain loves routines, why? Because that can be certain for a certain outcome. Makes sense? Totally, right? Makes sense to me, so it must makes sense to you. So, this means if we want to change something, our brain says – “I don’t want that.” Instinctively, that’s the reaction, right? This is the first reflex our brain gives us that it doesn’t want to change, why? Because it wants to be on a safe side, our brain is a pussy really, right? Don’t quote me on that, but our brain is a pussy, it is true, right? It pussies out the moment things become really exciting for us. And most of us pussy are, and I’ll give you very interesting small examples, and I can give you big examples too, right? But now I’ll give you one very easy example that you maybe know, that happened to you or to somebody around you. So there’s this great idea on your head, right? And you are certain this would change the world, and you’re so certain, you’re so positive, and you learned about stuff and you know you improve on getting mentors and workshops and books about the topic and whatever. And this thing that you want to bring out, you don’t bring out in there, because you don’t know how to do it. You’re missing a certain link and then it becomes more difficult than you originally thought probably, right? And what’s the next logical step? In your brain and that prevented you from success, a lot of the times. You found, what, yeah, excuses, you blamed things, you found excuses and you did the worst that you can do, you judged your own ideas – which always makes them worse, right? Because the moment we judge, the moment we’re not happy with our ideas anymore, the moment we’re not a hundred percent positive and have the vision of the thing actually, you know, fulfilled, if we cannot envisioned it enough anymore then we probably already lost it. It’s already probably gone with just a pity you know, because how many great ideas that slipped away like that. How many great, great, amazing things have not been realized. Thoughts make things, thought form things, the idea is always first. And if you don’t believe in it, it will disappear, because our brain doesn’t like change. And I’ll give you another example, and this is why I bring this up today, because I was very upset today with a client of mine, you know, she’s a good client, she makes big progress, I’m very proud of her, I’m proud of all my clients. I love them, right? But she came to me with something that I really, really, really didn’t understand where this comes from. I do understand, but I didn’t understand in her case where it comes from. So, she said Rik, is it true that in my webinars, in my fliers, in my things, in my presentations that I wanna do for my new thing to pitch it to people, I cannot use all the pictures from the internet because they are license protected and you know, if I can have them I need to pay them for us, I need to find the agencies to pay them. See what happens there, her goal was what, I’ll let you know because it was not very well explained. But I explain better to you now, she wanted to bring out a course, with the product and the back end in the health sector, okay? For that reason, she wanted to pitch it to some people to sell tickets for an event. That’s her planning, next year. So, for that reason she learned how to do webinars, she learned how to do presentation, she learned how to sales pitch and she wants to do it with a nice, you know, backgrounds on some pictures in powerpoint, nothing against it, right? So but then, you know, reality kicks in and it’s not as easy as it sounds in an idea and you have to sit down and you have to find a good formula for that. And you have to extra write down the stuff and you have to find the pictures and you have to cut them out and you have to put them in the page, you know what I’m talking about. When reality kicks in, right? Opportunities on the door and knocks, who is there, WORK!!! Right? Work kicks in and do we like work, no, we don’t like work, do you like work? – I don’t like work. I dislike it, completely, right? Work, I don’t love it much, really! I don’t love it much. But, it’s essential, it’s crucial, it is very important that we work our butts off for new ideas, otherwise they will not overcome the mental hurl in our brains that doesn’t like change.

That’s the whole secret, THAT’S THE WHOLE SECRET!!! And then what is the next logical step, I mentioned it before but I have to preach it again. You have to understand this to avoid it next time because you got to trap your brain next time when it does that trick on you. Your brain finds excuses why this is not a good idea, why you should not do this, why this is not allowed, why there are these obstacles and those obstacles, etc., etc., etc. Until to the point where you don’t believe in it as a great idea anymore. Which, sucks! Because it would never come out as a great product, never ever. And then there’s a pity because you are responsible to do good in your life, you are responsible to connect yourself to abundance of everything, right? Resources, health, beauty, love, you know, whatever you want – success, there is abundance for everything, you don’t take it away from anybody. You just find excuses again and again and again and again. And why am I so loud? Because I care so much. I do care a lot about your success, why? Because if you’re successful and you’re successful and you’re successful, and you, and you, and you, and you, and you, the world will be better, right? This is why I care so much, it’s a very egoistic approach, you know, it’s love meets ego. I want your success, I want you to succeed because the more of you who succeed and I know you’re a great people. The more I know the world will turn to the even better. Right? We are the right people, we have the right intentions. We do have the right mindsets, we do have the right plans, we do have enough love about caring for people and helping and making the world better. So, you must succeed, it’s non negotiable my friend, you have to succeed, no other option allowed, right?

So I really want you to remember that you are here for a reason and you are part of the evolution your soul chose a human experience to learn, to develop, to grow, to succeed, to go to the next step to share it and to spread love. And that’s why we’re here for, and this is why next time your brain, your evolutionary monkey brain from beyond the fall, from dinosaur, tiger, whatever mammoth scarcity. It’s still within you, but don’t listen to it next time. We know better, we know better, right? It’s not that hard, I didn’t say it’s easy, but I assure you, it’s not that hard either. Know what you want, visualize it, make an action plan, and step, by step, by step, by step, by step, by step – go there, and don’t rest until you have it. Don’t stop until you’re there. This is your responsibility, you take full responsibility for your success in life. In whatever you do, I just recommend you – be the best in whatever you do that you can be. Be the best due to your abilities in whatever it is that you’re passionate most about. Because this unique ability given to you by the creator, by the universe, by the highest power of this whole thing here that we call “being”, gave something very special to you. And you are the key for something much bigger that we don’t understand yet, but you got to follow that plan, and you got to be ready enough to be that key.

I love you much and I wish you a great awesome day, much blessings, much little miracles, and don’t forget, be good and do well. And be careful not to judge others, because you don’t want them to judge you either. Don’t judge your ideas, don’t judge the slightest little faults, let them happen. You can look at them, you can redefine them, you can redesign them. But don’t judge, put the negative out of you. We don’t need negative in you, we need you positive, we need you. The world needs you. And be careful what you think you don’t think to yourself, because Karma listens very closely, and the universe delivers what you think and what you wish for. So be careful how you wish, or what you wish. Much love, I wish you to be ready enough soon to shine even louder.


RIK ASSFALG is an entrepreneur, best-selling brand creator in the cosmetic niche, philanthropist and strategy and high-performance coach and mentor.

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