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The Power of Words and What you Say to Yourself

How do you talk to yourself. Are your words positive or negative. Do you affirm yourself often?… Words are very powerful and here’s why.


Did you ever meet somebody that you haven’t seen for a while? And they told you, for instance, that they live somewhere where they could’ve never imagined to live. And a qoute of this conversation could be in, let me know if that resonates with you, like, “I never thought I could live there.”, or “I always said when I was younger, I never want to live in a country where . . .” or “I would never marry guy who . . .” Is that familiar with you, or is it just me? Right? So, these things happen very often actually. And you all have heard of the law of attraction, you all know what affirmations are, you all work on your affirmation routines, you all work to improve your lives and some very simple aspect that I want to remind everybody here, me included, is that the universe does not, I repeat, NOT understand the word “NOT”. Or know or doesn’t, right? So this is weird of me saying that, in a sentence, “The universe doesn’t understand.” But no, that’s just the truth. It doesn’t! It just filters any negativity out, that is just how the universe works. And this is why affirmation clinics are so crucial for us. It is so important to remember and to remind us that things have to be formulated precisely to come into place. People wonder why can I not lose weight, right? So it is clear, you know, because why? That would even be the better affirmation, “Why can I not lose weight?”, because the only worth I would understand, what, just filter out the negative – “Why can’t I lose weight?” That would be awesome, right? But that doesn’t resonate because how can the universe answer that to you? It can’t, right? It would give you something weird that you would not understand that is in connection with your wish. But if you want to make a wish, if you want to create, visualize your reality, then it’s very crucial and it’s very important for you to, actually, precisely formulate what really it is you want that the universe can correspond to, right? Can communicate back to you, can give its version to you.

Let’s make some example to make it more clear, okay? So, for instance, people would say “I don’t want to have a disease”. Filter out the negative, what does the universe send you? Because it understood “I want to have a disease”, right? The don’t is just gone, the don’t is just gone, the knows are just gone, they’re just filtered out, it doesn’t hear it, it’s deaf on the no no on the negative ear, right? The universe is deaf on the negative ear. We’ve got to formulate positively, right? “I want to be healthy forever”, that’s an amazing affirmation! That’s great, right? So, try to think positive, and by thinking positive there’s an amazing side effect also, because if you focus on the positive, guess what? More positive would come in your life anyway, right? So that is amazing and I really want to encourage you to think about this and practice it because, be careful what you think you don’t think you think, right? Because that is often the reason why things don’t work out the way you thought that would work out. And you hoped them to work out for you.

So have a great, awesome, bless day, much love from here. My name is Rik Assfalg – R-I-K-A-S-S-F-A-L-G, and if you add “.com”, this is my website. I look forward to talk to you deeper about this topic. Come to my website and find a lot of free great content for you to work on these affirmations that can improve your life, right? And because in the end, only kindness matters, right? Be a faithful person, believe that you are a wanted individual in this great world that God gave us. Much love and talk to you very soon, BYE!


RIK ASSFALG is an entrepreneur, best-selling brand creator in the cosmetic niche, philanthropist and strategy and high-performance coach and mentor.

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