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What is a Real Rockstar?

Rockstar? What does it really mean? The lifestyle? The fame? The money? Let’s break it down for a minute and get inspired!

You know, recently we put a job description on one of the common portals, and we announced we are looking for a real rockstar in that particular area that we were looking for, like web developer or customer service rockstar. We’re looking for rockstars all the time. What does it mean–a rockstar?

I was thinking about it recently. I was talking to people, “how do you define a rockstar?” And people say, “Yeah, somebody who’s really shining, somebody who has some special aura to them, somebody who is really very eloquent or very great at what they do. They have uniqueness to them.”

I agree in all of that, but I was thinking about something much deeper than that because I’m mad as a reaction of that job description–a lot of amazing people. But you know what? Many did totally overestimate how much of a rockstar they really were, because it’s very easily said like, “I’m a rockstar… I’m a rockstar!”

But some people, I feel, use this as an excuse rather than really a lifestyle description or like a description how they implement their lifestyle into their creative being in terms of being a real rockstar for things that really matter most to the ones they support with their being a rockstar, right?

I, for instance, when I say I’m looking for rockstars, I’m looking for more than just that. I’m looking for somebody who can also bring light to very dark, dense environment. I’m looking for somebody who can make energies transferred. I am looking for somebody who really doesn’t rest before everybody is happy and got value out of the performance, because that is my definition of a rockstar.

A real rockstar is somebody who is relentlessly restless until the last soul in the room, in the concert hall, in the connected media is really getting out the maximum value of the performance of the rockstar. True or true? I totally find this true. This is a real rockstar.

You’re not a rockstar if you go to hotel room that you barely can afford and throw a TV out of it. I mean, you might feel like a rockstar, right? You’re not a rockstar if you have an attitude towards other people. You’re not a rockstar if you become arrogant all of the sudden because you have a little bit of success in one area. You’re not a rockstar because people admire you for what you tell them you do.

No, a real rockstar is a leader. A real rockstar is somebody who influences and inspires people by what he does, but by the results of his creation, by the energy that he transferred between him and the receiver through his medium of whatever he uses, right?

A real rockstar, in the original sense, is a musician, a songwriter; somebody who can interpret a thought that becomes a feeling that he translates into a song and lyrics; and a passion that he transfers through a distribution channel or media–for an instance, a concert to the receiver, to the listener, to the spectator. And this is important–that it goes into the receiver and creates the same emotion or a better emotion, and more important, solves something there. It must solve something. It must change something within the receiver. This is real Rockstardom.

If you want to be a rockstar in whatever you do–now, let’s transfer to something else… If you are a rockstar in customer service, then you give all the energy, all the thinking into an emotion that you have into the talk or the reception of a call of somebody, or replying to an email with somebody who has a problem. Think about the problem. Make it an emotion of yours. Transfer it back with passion and energy to the receiver to make them feel the same. Make them feel good about it. Their biggest problem can now be something that yields them. Their biggest problem can now become something that solves a problem for them by passing it through the rockstar in customer service. Does it make sense? Is that helpful?

Take a web developer. A web developer rockstar is somebody who takes up a thought of somebody who has a vision. He takes that thought. He creates it in his head–in his abilities–giving it emotion, putting energy in, giving it back by developing something awesome that exaggerates and outpasses and totally blows away the one who had a vision, because it thought about it. It capped the emotion. It translated it back with passion with all the experience–with all the best practices, with all the knowledge–gives it back, puts it out there, and blows away the one who had a vision. And even more important, solves the problem for the one who had a vision that now can solve, and this is the beauty about it. This is the multiplying love effect. Also included into that, gives away value to everybody who might land on that developed page, site, or whatever was developed, right? Does it make sense?

So, my credo here is not everybody who smells and wears cowboy boots is a rockstar. Not everybody who thinks they shine and claims they do great stuff are great people. Not everybody is a rockstar who says is a rockstar.

Rockstars are passionate people who can capture a thought and emotion, and passionately translate it back and transfer it back to the receiver, who then creates, gains value out of it and can surpass… and a problem is solved, and they can multiply love.

So, go out there and be a real rockstar and I totally love to see you shine louder somewhere. This is the concept of “Shine Louder”, which is a subseries of Mantra of the Month (MOM) and also Would Your Mom Be Proud, which is Rockstardom Newly Defined. So, if you’re a rockstar and you still can make your momma proud, is a better rockstar, right?

I wish you a great, awesome, blessed day and I just wanted to give you a thought of caution also–Be careful what you think. Go out there. Be good and do well– but be careful with what you say and what you think, because your subconscious might listen very closely. Even, and especially, the things that you think you don’t think are the ones that are the loudest and create your reality. So go out there, shine louder, be a rockstar, and much love to you. Have a great, awesome, blessed day. Talk to you very soon.

My name is Rik Assfalg–R-I-K-A-S- S-F-A-L-G and my website is rik.live. Talk to you very soon. Thank you so much.


RIK ASSFALG is an entrepreneur, best-selling brand creator in the cosmetic niche, philanthropist and strategy and high-performance coach and mentor.

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