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Energy, It’s a Cycle

RIK ASSFALG dissects and discusses how to keep a positive energy flowing. It’s all about energy and how we manifest this energy as our effort toward success.



Hey there! this is RIK, you’re with me and my smallest dog Poquito she’s right there in my car. We’re just out of a do it yourself big store, I’m here to buy some things there I don’t do a lot myself, honestly. Not very good at it, but you know, gardening and stuff I’m trying to get into that a little bit, but I’m enjoying it.


So, yeah, feel welcome in my car and thanks for your time. I wanted to share with you valuably, hopefully valuably for you, and let’s talk about something that I get a lot of questions about. Because, you know I’m just certain but I was born that way, that love wins, right? And people keep asking me, they’ll say like “RIK what do you mean love wins? How do you mean that and is it really that way? You know people are so mean to me, I don’t see how I can love everybody, etc. ” You know what, that’s just a decision and I know that people are weird and people are mean, and people are this, and people are that, but you and I were, too, sometimes. True or true?


So really, I don’t know, you know I’m not a teacher, I just let you know what I think is a good way of approaching things. But I can’t teach you, you have to find your own way. The way I see, the way I treat it, it’s a process. You can’t change your character of your belief a hundred percent, or a hundred eighty degrees within a second. I mean you can but you’ll lose it again because our brain functions differently, it’s scientifically proven that we need to establish routines that create habit that create memory, etc. So thought patterns, thinking patterns, and more importantly belief patterns, those that are subconscious, under our thinking, those programs, and those movies that run in theater, under our consciousness, those are the weirdest and the hardest to crack. We can crack that, it just takes time, it just takes a little bit of discipline, a little bit of routines to create habits, and those habits become your new belief patterns.  Mix in some rituals and things are great.


So that process that I was talking about, for me it really took place maybe 20 years ago or 15 years ago, and last year I was reminded of it and found proof for it very drastically when I had a near death experience. And I found out that we’re not as important as we think we are, and that is really the biggest advice I can give everybody was anything, you are not as important as you think you are. Truth be told, right? And from that we can derive many things that are very helpful. Step one is don’t judge people, if you still catch yourself and find yourself judging people, “oh look that guy is fat, oh look that girl is, you know, the hair is this and that way, oh blah, blah, blah”, but even if you judge yourself it’s not good, because you feed the evil, you feed the ego only and, you know, things come back, karma fucks best. I have a podcast for that, you can join it, karmafucksbest.com. We talk about that all the time, it’s like the advanced believer podcast, I talk with my favorite people in the world about weird things, about karmic things and I interview my best friends and find out their view about funny things that happen in life to everybody. And hopefully the listeners, and I know the listeners enjoy it and find some new truth for themselves and they find some new things for themselves. So that is step one really, don’t judge, don’t judge yourself, and be careful what you think and how you think because those things that you think that you don’t think are the things that probably matter most. That is step one, don’t judge.


Step two, is like, don’t require so much from people. I differentiate expectation and requirements. Do I expect people to be polite? Do I expect somebody to say “thank you”? Do I expect something back if I give something? Of course I’m human, right? So but do I require that, to do it? No, not at all. And that is a mindset change, you probably have to. If not, I invite you to try that.


So I’ll explain it again for those who not yet have that mindset established because it’s very valuable. If you don’t require somebody to behave in the way that you expected it liberates you, right? If you expect something from people that’s all good, you feed your ego. I mean you and I we know that, right? We’re humans and the ego will never be defeated, we can’t kill it. I have a website that’s called “egokilling.com”, you can go there too, there’s some available stuff for you, probably, too. Egokilling.com, but we’ll never defeat it, it’s always there. Mahatma Ghandhi has it, the holy Sis Therese has it, the Pope has it, everybody have, we have an ego. We can calm it down, we can try to kill it, but it’s always there, always comes back. So if we expect something and if it’s for ego reasons, that’s good, we can do that, it’s cool, but we should never forget that once we really accept that our ego is there, it becomes less important.


That would be the big problem, if you strive around the problem for a long time, does it become weaker? Yeah! for a little bit. Would it hit back? Probably, or you can face it. If you face your biggest fear, your biggest problem, that is a good start to have it smaller, you know. What I do with that, on a very side note now but we talk about fear and stuff, if I’m afraid of something… Am I afraid of things? Not many, you know, I’m pretty much a “no fear guy”, but you know sometimes there are calls to be made or decisions to be made or reactions from somebody who wants you make decision for something or so in an environment, or you have to tell a person that is very dear to you something that is a little bit unpleasant, am I scared of that situations?  They’re unpleasant, right? So yeah, they scare you. They scare me of course.


So what I do, I think I ask myself what is the worst that can happen? What is the worst outcome that can ever happen in this situation and I think horror like real splendor movie scenarios, you know? And then i look at it from a helicopter perspective. I leave that problem there and I go further away. And once that happens, the problem becomes smaller and the worst that could happen is so small I can’t hardly see it from a helicopter perspective. So the same thing here. Do we expect something from people? Of course we do because we want people to register to me because ego things has deserved that. True or true? But if we require it to do it the next time and they did not react the way we expect them to react, and we would prevent something, sharing, giving, serving, in another occasion because the expected hasn’t been delivered by the one who we require it from, that’s no good for us, it’s an energy thing, always. Love wins. We’re still in the love wins topic. Love wins.


It’s an energy – Yin and Yang, you know


? Push and Pull, you know? Actio is reactio. It’s the energy that flows in is the energy that comes out. It is like this full stop and you’ve read or watched the law of attraction and people would have; “whoa, this is magical, this is huge.” and it is magical, it is huge. No question about that but you know what? The thing is… this law of attraction, if you think it through is nothing else but the physical normality that we also have. If i push against the wall, the wall would drop if it would not resist with the same force or more force. Right or right? See? Same as here. If i do something good for somebody and I know i do something good, I expect something good back. Is that cool or cool? That is super cool, right? But if that person does not give it back to me, what happens? Am I disappointed? Then I required it from him or her. It’s not good. I am not disappointed. I give and share freely my love cost no thing. I love dearly. I don’t judge people and I expect things to come back. If not from that person, i don’t require it from them because karma fucks best in a positive way also, right? So the universe sees and hears everything. It gives it back to me. So if that person that i do good on does not react the way I expect them, no problem. The universe pays back big time.


So that is perfect right? And this is really the number 2 thing after not judging like really just trusting the process and don’t require things to happen. You can expect them but don’t require them and number 3 be the most lovable person in each room. That’s the best thing you could do, right? Try to be that. You know, on purpose. Try to be… Don’t be over the top super duper whatever clever… That is stupid but you should try to be really, really cool in a way that you enter the room and say i am noticeably the most lovable person in this room. And I know that and I act the way. So if nobody greets me, I’m the first to greet them. I don’t wish a good day, i wish a great day, right?  



RIK ASSFALG is an entrepreneur, best-selling brand creator in the cosmetic niche, philanthropist and strategy and high-performance coach and mentor.

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