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Small, Simple Steps on being Successful

Being successful is simple. Success leaves clues and it can be duplicated. Learn to choose to learn while taking the small steps.
Hey, this is Rik Assfalg from Switzerland, and today let’s talk about luck. Have you ever had another person tell you;

You are so lucky.

When you find yourself in a situation where people want to be like you, they want to be you, they want the life you live because they believe that you are so lucky, they want to be you, and they’d wish they were as lucky as you. They wish they had this, they wish they did that, etc. Some even say I wish I had better childhood, I wish I had more luck. I wish I were born black, white, or green, whatever.

To be honest with you, right after kindergarten I had this thought of reaching out to you at this moment. That was my dream until now to know and discover how we reconnect with our higher purpose, our wholeness, our why. To help other people discover their purpose and for them to realize what makes them feel lucky of their existence in a subjective perspective.

When you seem to be more successful in your life, people are drawn to you and would say you’re lucky. But reality is, it has nothing to do with luck at all. You could say that you are lucky that you are healthy but still that required some work and discipline on your end. You can say that you have good health because you choose to have a healthy lifestyle and you choose to discipline yourself and avoid junk foods and bad stuff that enter your body which is hard to do nowadays. Same is true when a person is successful because he maybe chose to be dedicated to his work and his craft.

Success leaves clues. Note that down and I say it again, success leaves clues. What if someone tells you again, you’re so lucky and I want to be like you? How would you respond to that kind of question where all the hard work you had behind your success was all equated to just luck. Maybe you can answer them with the clues you left behind towards achieving your success which people asks for.

It is never too late to change for the better, right? You have got to tell people that they have to deserve it first, and I tell you how. Maybe you, as I, and as everybody else, we have come a long, rocky and sometimes smooth way towards success. We have been lucky that we were born this way. Lucky, right? The thing is, how you can teach people to be luckier too. It is to teach them to learn every chance they can, to listen, and to know every time they have the chance.

Take for example a child belonging and raised by poor parents. Unlucky right? But there is something he did when he grew up. A choice he made to stop being poor. So he chose to persevere, to determine in his studies, committed to himself and his dreams of not being poor. We don’t know how he did it. But probably, he went out his way and sold some bread he made with his mom. Woke up every morning just to get a little bit money for his studies, learned as much as he could and implemented what he learned and became successful. I ask you, is he still lucky he got successful? Remember, he grew up from a poor family. We have seen a lot of stories like these. From rags to riches stories. Were they lucky they got rich? I guess not. They did something and they made a choice. And if this happens to other people what more with you, my love?

Learn by asking. Listen with two ears, and be silent. Notice how the word listen use the same letters with

silent. Know by doing it, by implementing it, and then teach people to forget everything, to learn how to unlearn and then reconnect with a higher course. Whatever you call it, that universal power that you believe in. Teach people that this universal power, however you call it, be it God, or Universe, or Spirit, or Nature, it is all good. It is all the same. Above all, it is love. Love for your craft, for yourself, and for the people you care for.

And now that you have learned to unlearn, it is the perfect time to pass it on and also teach the people around you to also learn, listen, know, and then forget through you manifesting what you have learned. Share it and give it freely. After you have practiced, learned, spoke, asked, meditate, prepare, and let them know how you prepared. And now luck is even out of the question on how success is achieved. And for me, speaking to you now, it took me 37 years to prepare and I believe I still am counting years in preparing myself and I am grateful along the way.

If you find that course, that reason, and you can do what I have just told you, you start to learn, listen, know, forget, effortlessly and then apply by sharing and paying it forward naturally. Like you don’t have to force it. And by giving, this makes the people you share it with to make them feel lucky as how they see how lucky you are. Would you consider assholes really have the authentic happiness they get from being assholes? I believe not. I know some people and maybe you do too.
Not to mention karma. Karma sees and smells everything even the things we don’t say outload or act out. So be careful what you wish and how you wish. Use the right words, avoid negative thoughts or better yet, never ever use negative thoughts. There are already enough negativity in this world and it is our responsibility to not add up to it.
Bottom line is, don’t wait for luck to swoop you off your feet but rather, decide to be lucky. Choose to be lucky! Start implementing, start learning, start to improve, do something and you will get luckier each step because of your own choice and not something else.


RIK ASSFALG is an entrepreneur, best-selling brand creator in the cosmetic niche, philanthropist and strategy and high-performance coach and mentor.

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