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Success and Belief, How to be Ready Enough

100% belief leads to 100% success. RIK ASSFALG shares the number one key to success. Success comes with belief that one can really achieve it.


Hey! My name is RIK and there’s a profound difference between those who hesitate and wait for the perfect moment and those who create opportunities by grabbing life’s throat and boldly and self-proclaimed, paved their own way to success.

Today we are going to talk about this and you can always become better and how you can do this and why you should become better day by day by day striving for mastery but first you’ve got to learn how to become ready enough to shift the gear towards your mastery. Get ready enough now, generate momentum, perfection and optimize later. First you have got to gain confidence, you have got to know what you do. You have got to know what you want, you have got to know what you want, and you have got to know what you don’t want. Then you have got to know your own value then we have got to awake your brand. And we have got to position for the dream life. Stay tuned and listen to today’s episode; belief leads to results.

Hello, hello, hello “yodel” and good day or good night even if you’re listening from a different part of the world. Wherever you’re tuned in from. This is RIK ASSFALG, R-I-K A-S-S-F-A-L-G your new best online friend and I am broadcasting this from Switzerland my home country which I love so much. And it’s recorded for RIK.live. R-I-K dot live. L-I-V-E. R-I-K dot L-I-V-E so if you’re listening to this from another point in the web or somewhere in the inter webs, you might want to join our great community in our Instagram, therikness or in RIK.live and this is another podcast that we want to record for you and I hope that it can help you a little bit in some aspects of your life because that’s what we want to do. We want to share because sharing is caring and I hope by the end of this podcast that you get to learn something useful and new for you then it was worth your time and it was certainly worth mine.

So today let’s talk about belief leads to results. And a 100% belief will lead to 100% result. Sounds easy? Yeah. But don’t mind about the mechanism or how you will achieve it because the mechanism will appear magically so to speak. The universe will take care for you of what you need to do. So let me rephrase that. 100% belief will lead to 100% result and the mechanism will appear magically it’s like the energy you put in is the energy that you get out. Makes sense so far? Amazing. Then you will love what comes next.

So what do I really mean when I say 100% result are created by 100% belief? Well, everybody I believe has a goal, a dream, or a vision of themselves in their grandest version. You do too. I do certainly have that and you know what, the great thing is it changes all the time. So one goal achieved, next goal please or next goal achieved, over next goal. So that’s perfect right? It might be material stuff like a big house, a car, or travel around the world or to take a year off and do whatever you want, or to be a gold medalist in a sport that you love, or to finish a degree at school, to establish your own company and become a billionaire or whatever it is. So whatever it is you make your wish appear in front of your inner eye and whether it’s a sustainable business for you, or whether it is something very personal or it’s just perfect health or be loved by people et cetera you get the point. We have all been there and we are there constantly. We dreamed, we visualized and you know, we have got to know what we truly want for ourselves. That is like the super most important part. And you know some people almost I feel when talking to them or asking them questions almost seem like they’re a little bit ashamed of admitting their dreams or it is like if you ask somebody for their salary, most people will tell you their salary right? Because they don’t talk about money, they don’t talk about that and it’s the same thing. They do not talk about their biggest vision, they talk about their problems all day long but remember what we just said a 100% belief leads to 100% results and we can even rephrase that, a 100% focus leads to 100% belief, leads to 100% results. Okay? So that is really the formula here. So I encourage you to really, really, really emphasize on those dreams and goals that you have and everything that you ever wanted and let me also tell you now it is no shame to dream bigger because your dreams are free and you have absolutely infinite possibilities when you dream and nobody should ever, ever and I mean ever be able to touch your dreams because that’s your perspective. That’s your vision that is your reality and nothing is wrong with that. So you can do whatever you want and you can dream whatever you want.

So now let me ask you to think for a few seconds what your greatest goal in life is. What is it that you absolutely, absolutely and really honestly want? Right now. You know, that can change, you can refine that tomorrow if you want. I would not recommend it that you change it tomorrow but you know I would recommend to change it as often until you have a very, very clear vision. And so, what do you really dream to achieve in life? What is your dream of achieving in life? What is that one goal that you think that when you get it, you are good for the rest of your life sustaining it with a happy and fulfilled heart? What is that one thing? What is that you absolutely want? Is it something material? Is it something philosophical? Is it something ideal? What is it? You have got to be clear on that. And you have to know what you want. Remember that right? And once you know what you want you can 100% focus on that and a 100% believe within you magically starts to build up. And a 100% results are going to be delivered to you by the higher force. The Force as they call it in Star Wars. It will be delivered to you. It will magically, open doors for you. So you will get one step closer to your goal once you find what you want and what you don’t want. And once you focus on it and once you fully 100% believe it. That’s a 100% results guaranteed. Take my word for it. Ask some people who have tried it before and even better try it yourself and then you let us know if it worked or if it did not work.

So, do you have that thought in your mind? What is that one thing that you really, really want? What kind of goals do you have in mind? No matter how different our dreams are with each other, how we dream will always depend on how we see ourselves. Somebody will have that dream and the other one have a very different dream and on how capable are we to achieve those goals. That’s not the topic here. It has no influence on that. If you believe this is good for you, this is right for you, and you have this very clear in your mind focusing on it, believing it through yourself, then the result will unstoppably appear for you. So sometimes when we share our goals to other people we meet a hand full of them who say; “Oh your goal is too big.” Or “Oh kid, you’re not smart enough.” “You are underprivileged.” You can have them. And on the other side, you meet people who say, “I trust you.” “I believe in you. I know that you can achieve that.” Or words like; “I will be with you every step of the way and by the time you get and achieve your goal, I will be beside you cheering on your success.” Just a friendly reminder, the people who say you can’t do it are the people you don’t need in your life. They are really somebody you should better do without. Let me phrase it in the nicest possible way. Cut out those people you’re your life. I know it’s not easy but I have some programs and tools for you to really judge who is good for you and who is not. And those who really criticize you, don’t believe in you, hmm I would reflect if we really need them and I would lovably let them go of your life and focus on those people who inspire you, who believe in you, who bring you further and whom you can leverage your dreams on. Now those people who support you, these are the people you have to keep by your side. There’s a scientific proof that the five people you surround yourself with are the five people you copy the most habits from. SO in other words, those people you surround yourself with are the people that have the most influence in you and really define you. And that is scientifically proven now it was always thought to be like this but now it is scientifically proved. Those five people who surround you most are those five people who define your life the most. So invest in relationships with people that love you back. People that you absolutely want to learn from who inspire you and who love you and you love them. And then you tell those people your dreams and your visions and they should be really a mirror reflecting back to you, encouraging you and really not judging you. That’s the kind of people tester and if that is the case then you are with the right people.

And now let us change our perspective from the people around you to the person who is the most important person here and that is YOU. You almost guessed it. When you have a goal, tendency is you can be either the person who doesn’t support you or on the one hand, who supports you all the way. Does that make sense? So you could be your own biggest critic and don’t forget that right? And remember those things that you think you don’t think, oh they work a long way in your subconscious. That’s a very different topic check karmafucksbest.com – karmafucksbest.com. We talk a lot about these things there.

So let’s have a little introspection here. When I asked you to think of your dream, how did it go? Did you dream of the things that you really, really, whole heartedly want in your life or did you aim much lower than your standards because you are basing your goals on your present situation and maybe you did not even dare to dream big and maybe you are “too scared” and you are too engulfed by the idea that you just can’t do it and it would be a big disappointment or God forbid it would be work you know, or you are scared of things. If you dream that way and if you don’t achieve them in the end, that’s why you just lower down your goals probably just to be “sure” but in reality this is not what you really want. These dreams my friend are what I call the CONVINIENT DREAMS. These are the adjusted goals just because of your fear of failure. It is like wanting to be the champion but you just aim to be number 2 and the worst thing is you’re even satisfied for that. Hmmm. Not so good. I don’t want to tell you how to think or what to think but I would aim higher you know? Let us just for a second think about it.

If you dream big, if you set your goals that scare you first, you deserve to be successful in the end with the things you love to be successful with and most important, you are capable to achieve them because everything you need is already inside of you. Like an animal programed instinctively to survive, we are programed to achieve every goal that we want. We have the freedom to do that we just forgot it. We need to get back to a state of being ready enough so I would love to shout out there and ask you people, “are you ready enough?” And I want you to scream back at me and say; “yeah, yeah, RIK.” “Are you ready enough?” “Yeah, yeah, RIK. We are ready enough.” And why are we ready enough and how do we know we are ready enough? Because we decide to do so. When do we do that? Right now. Okay. Let’s do that. I want you to really loudly speak it out with me. Don’t do it for me, do it for yourself, do it for your dreams, do it for your future; “I am ready enough, RIK.” Okay? So on three, on the count of three I want to ask you; “are you ready enough?” Now you know and you decide and you are the judge if you’re ready enough really because if you did not scream back to me so the neighbor in the train or the neighbor next to you or the neighbor in the car where you listen to this did not turn around and looks at you weirdly, then you were not loud enough. You were not ready enough, my friend. And we have got to work on this. If you were loud or whatever, that is perfect. And I am very proud of you and I am very happy with you because you have achieved your dreams first. Okay, so if you dream big and if you really set your goals higher, the odds are really very much in your favor because you know, the higher you aim, the more you’re going to achieve. That’s just pure physics or mathematics whatever that is. And we have our own will and intellect to follow the pattern that we want to take. You know the universe plays in our cards as well. You don’t have to figure it out all by yourself because once you have achieved what you want to do once you’re clear on what you want and you don’t want, you focus on it, you believe in it, the results would kick in magically for you just trust he universe full stop. Just trust the universe.

So having that 100% self-belief can give you 100% results but don’t deny the challenges and the fears either. Acknowledge the fear but do not let it fool you instead pick up that fear and use it, transform it as your fuel because everybody has fear. You are not the only one it is just some people know better how to transform that fear into fuel. Fear to fuel is the slogan here. Besides, having no fear when you decide to pursue a goal means that your goal is not a good enough goal for you isn’t it? Step out of your comfort zone and learn from your failures along the way. Challenges are there for sure I cannot guarantee you that it is an easy ride nobody said it is easy, but nobody said it is that hard either and if you don’t try it you will never know. And these are parts of it. Fear is a part of it, excuses is a part of it, laziness is a part of it, false friends are a part of it, jealous families are a part of it but all these makes you stronger and wiser and more, you guessed it; more ready enough. In fact; these challenges and trials that you encounter along the way gives you a gradual push on the right direction to discover which of the mechanics and methods you need to efficiently achieve the goal.

“What if I am not good enough?” “What if I fail?” “What if the goal is not for me?” “Do I really deserve that kind of goal?” Sounds familiar to you? Screw that. Because these questions sound familiar to me too. It’s familiar to everybody. There’s no excuse just because some weird excuse voices appear in your self-esteem, in your belief. Just let it not shake you. Transfer and transform anger and fear to your fuel. So there’s a common theme to those questions; these are just questions from fear and it hasn’t happened.  So if those questions like; “what if I am not good enough?” “Why I fail?” et cetera, blablabla, yada, yada, yada. If these questions you know, they are pre-programmed failure guarantees. We don’t want those. The commonality of these questions is they are all doubting you and they are expressing your deepest feeling which is fear. Most things or everything we do is either fear driven or pleasure driven. Okay? So we want to avoid pain and fear and gain pleasure that’s why we react and we measure it in a higher, lower more or less. That’s how we really work evolutionary. The human being is not as clever as you think. And these questions really come from the ego, fear and probably also laziness. Here are questions that are not so familiar to us; “What can I do now?” “What can I do today” “What can I do right after listening to this to achieve my goal or to get one step closer to what I really love?” Or another question; “How much more do I need to learn to be able to be ready enough for my success?” “What is it that I need to know, what I need to learn to get to my next right step towards my dream?” That’s a great question. “When do I expect these goals to be achieved?” Like, put a deadline. Put a date on it. When is it? Tomorrow? Tonight? In a year from now? In 10 years? In 30 days? In 90 days? Be specific. If not, it will not happen. These are great questions. “By the time I have achieved them, what will I do next to level up?” “What brings me a step closer to my mastery of my super powers?” That’s a great question. Ask yourself these questions. Does it make sense to you? My friend, it’s time to switch from fear of failure to readiness to success. Readiness to everything. Readiness to failures, readiness to new discoveries, readiness to acceptance and readiness to success.

Let us do a quick exercise here for a minute. I ask you to please NOT do what I would ask you to do with your mind in a second. NOT to do what I ask you with your mind in a second. Again I ask you to follow what I say to NOT think about. Okay. Please DO NOT, again let me emphasize on that. I ask you to NOT think of a big white polar bear with yellow spots… DO NOT picture in your mind a big white polar bear with yellow spots, right now. Don’t think about a white polar bear, big with yellow spots. Don’t do it now. What did you see in your mind despite me asking you to NOT see it? What did you see in your mind despite me asking you to not see it? Exactly a white polar bear with yellow spots. Right?! See the mind is a beautiful thing. Too beautiful in fact that everything you think of gets attracted to it including the thoughts that you would NOT want to think about. And yes, in this case it’s the same with the questions that you ask yourself. See, in the mind everything is a “YES, YES, YES, and YES.” Positive. So when you ask yourself; “What if I am not good enough?” your mind’s answer will probably be “Yes, you are not good enough.” Or when you ask yourself “What if I fail?” the answer is probably; “Yes, you will fail.” Because you know, your mind understands only towards one direction which is positive. And that has to do because we are an evolutionary being. We are leaned towards the positive, towards the positive evolution. And that’s the proper explanation for that. So how about avoid these negative questions from now on and trick your mind so to speak to answer itself that there is a possibility for you to achieve your goals. I want to really emphasize this again, thoughts make things, and you know that. So whatever we think, happens. Even things we do not want to happen, we find at the end of the day are still happening. Did you ever hear somebody say, “Oh my God, despite I never wanted to marry a firefighter but of course my new boyfriend is a…” Yeah, you guessed it.   

Let us make use of our strong minds and 100% believe that we are capable in achieving our goals. Every goal. You will achieve your goal I am 100% guaranteeing you that if you do it with the right technique. Believe that it’s possible, believe that the path to that goal is just around the corner. Believe that failures are stepping stones closer to your goals. Don’t be scared of them. You fail, so what? Stand up try a different way. Edison used a thousand ways to not discover the light bulb until he finally did. So it brings you one stepping stone closer to your goal and with this in your mind my friend, you will be unstoppable. Keep a positive mind. Be nice to people, stop judging people including yourself. Don’t judge for 7 days. Don’t judge anybody including yourself. It’s so important, it’s so crucial. Play with the possibilities and explore your capabilities. Step out of your comfort zone and step even further out. Run away from your comfort zone. Draw a line on the sand, cross it and decide to do it in your mind first then do it. Your mind defines something, your body has to react, right? If you want to get up tomorrow early in the morning so you can do this and that, and that, and that, you do it. Your body will scream “no I need to stay in bed. “ “No, I need to relax.” “No, I need this and I need that.” No, your mind decides it. Thoughts become things, right? And if your thoughts are clear and you focus on them and you believe in them, the results will kick in. Does this concept make sense to you? Step out of your comfort zone every day. Every day, extend your comfort zone and then step out of it again, extend it again and step out of it again. You know define a goal and then achieve it and repeat it and set a goal, achieve, repeat. Get ready enough, my friend. Because at the end of the day you would want to pat yourself on the shoulder and greet yourself with a “Great job! You did it again!” with a big smile on your face knowing exactly which direction you are going because your vision is very clearly defined. You focus on it in your mind you’re ready enough to focus on it to 100% believe it and to 100% achieve your results.

This is RIK ASSFALG. R-I-K A-S-S-F-A-L-G I wish you a great day great day. Wishing you courage, love and success in life. And together let’s make dreams a reality!

Come visit my website; RIK.live. R-I-K L-I-V-E. I look forward to see you there. There’s also some free stuff that you will love. Talk to you very soon. Much love and be good.


RIK ASSFALG is an entrepreneur, best-selling brand creator in the cosmetic niche, philanthropist and strategy and high-performance coach and mentor.

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