Your self-image is the most essential key to your success. RIK ASSFALG reminds you on how your self image greatly influences your success.


Hello, hello, hello. And (yodel) I still cannot yodel but I want to welcome you here is Switzerland. This is a Swiss podcast with RIK ASSFALG. R-I-K A-S-S-F-A-L-G. Please feel welcomed and I am so happy you are here. Today we talk about the power of our self-image.

Hey, hey, hey! It’s RIK. RIK ASSFALG. R-I-K A-S-S-F-A-L-G and R-I-K.live is my website. I would love to be your next best online friend and I won’t probably ever stop to remind you how great, how blessed and how loved you really are. My website is RIK.live and here is another podcast on… yes. You heard it right… a reminder on how great we are and how we are so much capable in whatever we want to achieve. Yes, and you hear it right – the emphasis on want. Whatever we want to achieve because life happens for us, not to us.

Okay. To begin with, it has always been said that we should not tolerate in whatever manner the idea that we are incapable to achieve things. Things that are too grand, too big or too great for us. You know, when I was young people told me don’t dream so big, don’t be crazy, be satisfied with whatever you have. You know what? Fuck that. Here I said it. I was born in a poor family too and you know what, I dreamt big and fuck that. This life is happening for us; it’s not happening to us. We all have a right for success, we all have the power to become victorious. Victory is near my friend and all those stupid arguments are never true. These are probably the saddest excuses that we can come up with ourselves and people can tell them to us and we believe them repeating that same old story in our head. And right now, I would like to ask, are you really happy with your life right now? Honestly. Put your hand on your heart right now and let me know are you in this moment a hundred percent, truly, fulfilledly happy with your life right now? If yes, then I am genuinely happy for you and with you. And you know what? That maybe the best inspiration to tell other people about it. How you achieved that, right? Because choose to shine louder with your life and make other people see that feel that and believe that. Help other people, and share!  And if you’re not a hundred percent satisfied with your life, not a hundred percent happy with your life, not a hundred percent purely, really fulfilledly happy right now and you think you’re just hhmmmm; comfortable with your life well I think we need to talk and let me remind you again and again and again… and fuck yes, I said it again on your greatness and you too can be an inspiration to other people.

“I am very slow in math.” “I am not really good in handling money.” “Men are just cheaters.”  “My family was just not blessed enough.” These things that you say to yourself over and over again will probably be your pattern for the rest of your life. That pattern is your enemy. Trust me. That pattern is what you do not want to think about too often. Right? Let me rephrase that in a positive message; find better questions, find better excuses, find better promises, find better things that you can do, and find a vision that you can focus on and be successful with. Okay? Long story short is that these things that you keep repeating to yourself in your mind become your truth. This becomes your reality. This ultimately is shaping the form of how you have to live or can live your life. And the big question is here; how do you see yourself? What is your self-image? What are the self-beliefs or beliefs that you often find validation from the universe? Think. Think hard. Think even harder my friend. Look within and reassess your self-image. This is the golden nugget. This is the key, my friend. How you see yourself is ultimately defining who you are going to become.

Ask yourself this; “WHY?” first. Why, why, why? “Why do I always fail in every business that I make?” “Why do my partners cheat on me?” “Why am I always late?” “Why this… Why that?” And you will find out very, very quickly that there are so many whys and so many doubts in your head pre-programmed that you keep asking yourself all the time or claiming against you all the time. You say them to you and what you say to you in your head even if you think you don’t think it is what is going to create your reality, my friend. And I tell you because you see yourself maybe as not deserving things. Like you wouldn’t deserve success, or you wouldn’t deserve business success, or you wouldn’t deserve a healthy and loving relationship, you would not deserve the respect that you think that you deserve, that you’re worth and maybe you treat other people the same way because we’re always a mirror of what we become. We’re always a mirror of what we get back. This may sound a little bit offensive but I am just here to remind you and me that everything happens because we choose to make it happen through what? Through our SELF IMAGE. That’s what we’re here to talk about, right? Our self-image. That little movie that permanently plays in our head. That cinema that is there for us every day in our head. Through how we see ourselves is our self-image that will define how our lives will be. When we find ourselves asking questions on why do things, both negative and positive happen to us, always choose to look within and not without. Never blame. Stop blaming, my friend. Listen to my other podcast. Blaming is the number 1 toxication you can do to your mind, your body and your life. Don’t blame anybody. If you mess up, you stand up right and say “okay, I messed up. Fuck. How can I make it better?” “How can I avoid next time that I wouldn’t mess up again.” If you make something great, stand there with the same pride and say; “Fuck! I made this great.” And you know what? “How can I make this even greater next time?” Okay? So don’t blame. Don’t look without you. Look within. Turn that eye and mind towards yourself. Identify the patterns, the cycles, the situations or experiences you get yourself in repeatedly whether these situations are desirable or undesirable. Then sort them out. Keep what works and get rid of what doesn’t. Introspect and dissect why you keep on ending up in a situation that you really don’t want to be in and there’s tools how you can make that. Come to my page; RIK.live and I will teach you those things.

Sort out the situations you want to be in, the situations where you are proud of and of you want to share to other people those are the ones that you should keep and get rid of the other ones. Let’s say you were courageous at that time, disciplined, smart, and passionate in what you do. These things you need to always remind yourself and also to strengthen within and also find the discipline how you can repeat those things because emotional states create feelings. If we know how to really drive ourselves in an emotional state that is good for us. That is good for an outcome of the situation, we have a very, very good almost unfair advantage over almost everybody who does not have that habit. So this is something we have got to dive deeper in that. Come to RIK.live and you will find out so much more in the Achiever Program and other programs that we provide you there. So for now just understand that there is cause and effect. So if you really come up great in any situation, please sit down afterwards and think through why this went so greatly for you and then find a way to really, really disciplinedly repeat that things that brought you there. And the same with messed up situations. If something was really not ideal, if the outcome was not optimal, try to find out what you did, what brought you there and try to make it better next time. That’s the whole deal here.

So I don’t even want to listen to those things like lazy, stupid, weak, coward et cetera, you know? You need to get rid of those one by one because the bottom line is yourself image is very powerful and it can eventually manifest into your character. It will. It does. That’s what your character is made of most part of. SO who you are is who you see yourself. And the vision that you create of yourself and most people are afraid of even creating a vision of themselves or an ideal outcome. They take life as it comes but then life happens to you and we want life to happen for us not to us. Remember that. Who you are to the world is who you are to yourself.

And I must warn you too because there will be doubters, critics, and people who will wait for you to fail and they will have so much fun when you fall. There will be people who would initially turn down these positive self-images that you have created. They will come over you and laugh at you and think you’re crazy et cetera. And you know what’s worst? It’s when you’re one of them yourself. Keep in mind these people probably have their own doubts towards themselves too and they are definitely not your crowd so better let them go or better, inspire them once you figured out how it works because we want to make the world a better place here right? So inspire them to shift their negative self-images to positive ones. Into one that really, really, really let them understand how it work. Let them watch you. Let them watch you grow and inspire them. That’s true leadership. That’s what we need not just in business but also in our private life. That can make the world a better place. Become better, grow and share with everybody how you did it and grow even further. That’s how you really become a grown master. That’s really the secret.  And let the world watch how the world changes for you and changes for them and how you are a part of it. Love, believe in yourself fiercely enough so the world would see how to believe in you too.

My name is RIK ASSFALG. R-I-K A-S-S-F-A-L-G and my website is you know that, RIK.live. R-I-K.L-I-V-E. Remember, love wins. We immensely help turn this rather dark, chaotic world upside down and bring it back to love because love is an evolution. We live in an evolution. We think we are the cream of the crop but we are not. Love is going to come big time and there’s more loving people in the world than anything else even if you don’t see them sometimes because the news prefers to bring the bad people rather than the good people but believe me there’s more people in the world who are loving, who are caring and sharing. We are more of them. We become big time. So love every day unconditionally and fiercely. Love, light and infinite blessings be with you my friends. Thank you a lot.


RIK ASSFALG is an entrepreneur, best-selling brand creator in the cosmetic niche, philanthropist and strategy and high-performance coach and mentor.

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