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Love is the answer with Sarah Anand Anma

Sarah Anand Anma: Welcome to Love is the Answer podcast with Sarah Anand Anma. Today I am very fortunate to have my very dear friend; RIK from Switzerland with me.

My dear friend RIK is an entrepreneur. He’s a bestselling brand creator in the cosmetic niche, he’s also a philanthropist and a strategy and high performance coach and mentor. I am really honored to call you my friend and I am also very honored to have you here today. Thank you for joining us, RIK.

RIK ASSFALG: Thank you, Sarah. Thank you for the beautiful introduction and likewise. It’s a blessing knowing you. Thank you.

Sarah Anand Anma: So Love is the Answer was created because things are interesting right now. We’ve got some tumultuous times that we’re living in and also head of us because that’s what life is and it’s just I think the illusion of certainty has been stripped from us.

So I have heard some people say; “dress rehearsal is over.” Or “now is the time.” Or “now is our time.” Meaning that all the mediation and yoga and character building and personal development and everything that we have been doing up to now, it’s really time to take it off the mat or off the cushion and out of theory and into… out into the wider world.

So I’d love to hear how you relate to the times as they are right now.

RIK ASSFALG: Well I think the spirit is calling again, right? So I think… I strongly believe that we are evolutionary beings and every now and then, I don’t know… We should inspect that a little bit more deeply but the… What I can remember like in the 60’s, 69’s, 68’s – the hippie times, right? We had something like now.

So, I don’t know. I don’t know if we have more interesting times or less interesting times than before right now to be honest with you because I think the evolution goes on and the spirit level, it goes on too. Maybe and that’s my big hope, maybe we are more focusing on what our heart really tells us. And maybe it’s always been there but maybe the next Iphone was more important than this.

And when you say security, I mean I do strongly believe because I want to believe that we are still living in more secure times than ever. I think there is an energy shift for sure right now but if I look around I mean things that are possible right now like all power is within the people really now. I mean go back to like 2 to 1400’s or something or go back 50 or 70 or 80 years in time. I mean I am in Bavaria right now. I am in the Bavarian alps in a ski resort. Germany, 70 years from now… oh. It was a different story right?

So people say there is a problem. There is tumult everywhere in the world. I do believe energies are shifting. In whatever way that might be, I do believe the Spirits are calling louder because times are getting faster. I think all the great technical advantage which you and I we enjoy so much also like as an entrepreneur, I mean my office is here, right?

Sarah Anand Anma: In your phone, in your laptop, yeah.

RIK ASSFALG: We did yoga together in Phoenix recently, right? A couple of months ago. My office was with me, yours was with you. I am here right now, I can be somewhere else in the world and this progress is amazing. And going back to the evolutionary picture; the monkeys made it far, right? But somewhere in us there’s still the monkeys. And then we negated that for many years. Let me ask you… I don’t know we never spoke about this but like 10 years ago, 15 years ago when you were spiritual already, you were different than most people. I was, I know I was. I was to think. I mean; “yeah, yeah you with your psychic stuff.” Now everybody comes like; “can you teach me?” “Can you help me in those?” What about the angels and what about this? Do you see auras is that true? Can you see me my aura? You have a great aura. You know and people always say you know…. I see auras of people, right? So sometimes. And people are like; “you have a beautiful aura, is my aura…” and then I go; “I can’t see it anymore. I am sorry.” Because I think people are very much… It’s kind of almost a trend right now to bring all the yoga and what you say all that movement. Because yoga is a sport really, right? In a way it’s getting commercialized now. It’s not better than a thousand years ago. It’s no different than a thousand years ago. Now everybody does it because everybody and their daughter tell them you know, it’s good. So if you’re not in the movement, then you miss something. You cannot Instagram about your new yoga pose, you’re not here, right? That’s why I say the evolution goes into finally commercialized spiritual little things. Then that’s my take on it.

Sarah Anand Anma: That’s very well said. Very funny take on it. So we’re here to help others as much as we can with what we’ve learned and we get help from each other, we also get help from the listeners which is we’re all here to help each other and to uplift each other. And so, how do you relate to stressful times of your own if there’s external circumstances in your life that are stressful or causing heartache or heartbreak. What is it that you do to get yourself through that?

RIK ASSFALG: Well apart from all the tools that I can give you in detail in a minute which are morning routines or positive thinking or journaling… what everybody does right which is awesome… Commercialized because that’s what they teach you in masterminds. I journal when I was 14 years old. I wrote thoroughly, we just forget it. What I really can recommend to everybody in this is my biggest gift that I can give everybody and I try to convince everybody well that if they go through hard times is to really reconnect to the purpose why you’re here and then believe at the same time that love wins because that’s the biggest moto and that is the name of your podcast as well, right? So my credo is really love wins in every situation and especially in business situations. Especially in personal, family problem situations when you are right and you know that you are right and you know that you are right but you know that’s the problem you know, the ego that is within us it’s the enemy, it is just is, right? I always believe that you have a heart that is connected to your soul and to your karma and wherever goes on there and I don’t want to go to deeply spiritual into that because I don’t really care or judge what somebody else on how they are spiritual because there’s a billion ways. That’s what I think is the biggest problem in the world really if you see that is that people believe so much that their belief is the only belief that they don’t believe in other belief is also a good belief.

So if you break all of that down the common denominator is really before love can win, we should stop judging. And if we combine that with our true purpose, with our true essence why we’re here because our life is very short. We go to a point A to a point B really and that time is very, very short and very limited. So I do believe if you stop judging including yourself because karma hears you even if you think it does not hear you. Karma hears you even when you think it does not hear you. So don’t judge. Find a way to really believe that you’re’ worth that right so you know your big why. What you want to move here. Doesn’t have to cause the big things. I meet so many people… People come to me and ask in the coaching situations and; “I don’t know. I want to know on how to rescue the world.” Okay, but the world does not need you and If you die tomorrow, the world does not need you, right? What if the day after tomorrow? That’s the truth, my friend. Isn’t it? So I think you really get to find a balance of what you really can achieve. And I think those little steps they are really the most important ones. So for instance if you have a problem within your family, if you have a problem with your relationship, if you have a problem with your office, with your team, with whatever, it’s easy to say; “I throw it all down, and I go out and I will change the world.” The world does not want you in that state. So work on that first. Work on your inner state first.

And stressful situations, to answer your question, meditation is a great tool. But the next question is what is meditation? I think that would probably be your question because when I say to somebody go and meditate. They say; “yeah, but you don’t meditate. You’re too much rock and roll and so…” “Yeah, but I meditate since I was 7 years old, right? I had to meditate. My granddad made me meditate. My grandad had this tone and said; “okay, my left arm is heavy, is your left arm heavy? My right arm is heavy. Are you in a trans right now, my boy? Okay, sleep and I will go to…” That was my first… Was that meditation? I don’t know but at least it paved the way for me to go deeper into that and to study all the religions and find a way. And I think the common denominator is really find the place within yourself that you can trust. Find a place within yourself where you can feel free and find a place where you love yourself most within. Stop judging others and then love wins. You will experience miracles. And if you do yoga, if you do soccer or tennis or I don’t know, I think it’s not really so essential because I tried yoga. I had the chance to have a personal yoga class with you and that was a very, very… I loved it to bits but honestly I had a personal yoga trainer here. Tried it and Jo, our common friend also recommends to me I don’t know… Kundalini yoga. What is it called?

Sarah Anand Anma: Kundalini. Yeah.

RIK ASSFALG: Kundalini yoga. Yeah. Like it’s cannelloni noodles. It’s like… names. You know, for me, I could not relate to it and I wanted to try it. I love it so much because I trust that it works so well you know. I think it’s very personal. It’s very, very individual and I am so grateful for all this advice from people. I love it. For me, honestly, I do it without yoga and I think… I find this sport too, right. I think I can go very quick to alpha zone. I can very quickly go to that point in my essence where I can set things straight and where I also can take creation of my future and the future for the love ones around me. That state very, very in flow. That momentum that creates I think it’s great that people go and do yoga and try this and that and if it becomes a sport then it’s a good sport and if it becomes commercialized then it’s probably better for the people than MMA for instance. In a way it’s the same trend isn’t it. It’s both marketed like crazy – franchise is open everywhere it’s both licensed you know. And now we have for instance if you go to yoga in the States. I tried it when I was in Phoenix. I tried to go to yoga after we had our session then I stayed a week longer than you in that place and I was like; “okay, let’s go to yoga.” So I went there and I even bought a yoga mat. So I went there and there was like a pizzeria, a hairdresser then there was… hot yoga? Then there was I don’t know cold yoga… whatever yoga. And I said; “okay. No. no I take any of this.” They’re all good and they have beginners’ classes, I go there and I wait. I first checked who goes in on those yoga classes and boy or girl in your case, I tell you they were really you know, were serious when they went in there. They have the yoga mat, the yoga dress, the yoga everything that was all yoga. You know, they scream yoga. So I decided I did not want to go in because I did not dare to go in and they were like boom, boom, boom and they came from everywhere and everybody was so super yoga.

Did not work for me so much. I love and recommend everybody who finds through that to better yourself and to inner… come to do it, to try it. I think it’s a great trend. Much better than other trends that we had but in the end I think the common denominator is really to go find your why. Find why you’re wanted in this world. Find your place. And if you’re a great parent and that’s your job, that’s beautiful. If you’re the greatest sales person, well that’s beautiful. If you’re best firefighter… not everybody has to become the president of the state, right? Obviously. No pun intended but find your why and find what you can contribute and stop judging including yourself and let love do the rest. That’s really… since I decided to do that and not listen to the ego because it always comes back. I sold my ego 15 years ago but it comes back

Sarah Anand Anma: It repairs itself all the time very quickly.

RIK ASSFALG: It comes back. It comes back so easy and I tend to remind myself that I want to think and speak more through the heart than I had. That’s probably a good advice to everybody who can understand what I am talking about and if not, they should probably buy a yoga mat and do that first and when you find your sweet spot with that then re-listen to this because it’s really a big gift if you stop judging that’s the number one thing including yourself if you believe in love then most of the things that you’re scared of right now will magically disappear. That’s really what I believe.

Sarah Anand Anma: Yeah. Absolutely. And may…

RIK ASSFALG: And stress is just fear. That’s what it is because you ask me for stressful situation. Stress is just fear. That’s what it is. You get stressed. In every situation, you get burned out when we speak about burnt out. That’s nothing else than fear of being incapable of fulfilling what others want you to be. That’s really what it is and if that fear can’t come up in you anymore when you become more grateful for what you have and for who you are and if you don’t judge others then you find yourself more and if you don’t judge yourself and you believe in yourself more.  

Sarah Anand Anma: Nice. Yeah. I know you work with achievers and probably a lot of them have already found their purpose or you helped them… but you might… do you help other people find their purpose and if so, how do you direct them? Because when somebody’s listening to this they might think; “yeah, it’s great to know your purpose and reconnect to it but I don’t even know what mine is.” So what would you say to them if they wanted to find their purpose?

RIK ASSFALG: Well, it is not me directing anybody because I can only take care of my own personal life and it’s not that I don’t have any problem that anybody who listens to this that I don’t have any of those problems. I have the same problems every day. I am struggling with my obesity right now so there’s something wrong with my system too. I am doing this because it is a progress. It is a constant reminding of ourselves of how to achieve stuff. I love to work most with people who really have achieved a lot already in their own sense. I don’t judge them. They could be anybody but if you had belief in yourself once and if something went right for you then, then my… It’s very subtle and very subjective with every individual when I work one on one with people, it’s the best. But very fast, never longer than 10 sessions. That’s really long because 10 sessions I do have in 2 weeks or 3 weeks depending on the schedule. It is very long it’s almost a year or a good half year where I work with people that’s very long. I want them you know to come to me and see me quick and get a quick result. They don’t waste their time, I don’t waste my time and we find something and we fix it quick you know and go out. So it’s not really for the beginner types. So what I am after always is the solution that lies within yourself already. If you’re an achiever, that’s something that you had and you just forgot or that went out of balance because it’s always an energy thing that we’re talking about and I mean if I press on something. I have a plastic bottle in here. I don’t like plastic bottles but I just arrived so they gave me this here. So if you press this, the bottle presses back, right? That’s action and reaction, right? So the energy I give in is the energy I get out and this is what we tend to forget and even in the most complicated whatever that is I mean people… I am blessed to be a light for sometimes have the most different background and stuff. I remember one guy. I won’t say the name. You can find his testimonial on my site. He really went from a very frustrated 6 million Euro turnover to almost 25 million the year after just because he got more… That’s my dog…

Now you have to say; “hi!” Come here. Say hi… come to the camera. Does not come to the camera.

So he achieved something very, very big because… Do you need me to cut?

Sarah Anand Anma: Uh-uh. No.

RIK ASSFALG: Sorry for the dog. So he achieved something very big because he got more clarity. What his real trouble in his company was interfamilial one and I don’t want to go into more detail than that and he’s doing very, very well and what I love about this and why I do this is because it’s not that I know better but I can see something in them that they forgot to see. If I see something in some… because I cannot help anybody but some people who come and I find that there is a why and I see that and I believe in it before they believe in it, then I can help them.  And really deeply help them and I love to do it and this is my type of selection because you know I do have businesses and I am not a coach looking for work really. So the people who find me are really the people who are meant to be with me that’s what I believe in and my biggest criteria to work with somebody is do they spread the love after? Because if I can help… I can make somebody successful or even more successful and I help them make their dreams come true and it’s very easy because there’s some tools, there’s some technique we strengthen some of your momentum and we regenerate that momentum and scale it up that’s very easy. And if you’ve been there and you’ve done it then it’s even more easy for me and for them but for me always it’s more important if somebody has a good why for why he does it. And for why he is here and does it affect even more souls out there. Does the love spread? That’s what I love to do and then I am feeling really motivated.

Sarah Anand Anma: Yeah. I love that you said…

RIK ASSFALG: Did I answer your question at all?

Sarah Anand Anma: Well the essence of it is that neither you or I can tell people what they’re why is. And in fact, I can’t even tell myself what my why is. I have to get quiet. I had to get quiet and quiet down the mind. And really get clear and I also had to take risks and get out there and do things and see what kind of effect I had and then from there, see “oh, okay. I did X, Y, and Z and had this big result but really the big result was I brought peace.” And that’s my big why. Over and over again I would see that happen and then like “oh.” That refills me and it’s a natural byproduct of me doing work that I love. Okay, that’s my big why.

RIK ASSFALG: That’s beautiful and it’s as individual as the people are. So it’s as individual as peoples’ noses I say. And there’s often the why is not one why because if you find your why; let’s say peacemaker in your case. You bring peace to people, the next step would be like in my program I would then work out with you what is the most profitable thing for you in terms of your time invested in effecting with that kind of peace possible? So you love doing this. You enjoy even more doing this so you become even more enjoyable. The more successful you become because there’s where many of the pitfalls are for entrepreneurs who are not really so secure with their inner voices. And it’s so interesting. I have coached billionaires really and I was super scared of billionaires before I met the first few and those are the nicest people in the world but even they have the same… You know, they lose momentum every now and then too and then they are the most beautiful people for me to work with because they can spread the love most later.

So for anybody who listens to this, don’t be ashamed if you don’t find your why yet. It will come to you and once you feel it, then you can go with that why for what. And the why may even grow when you grow. It may grow with you.

Sarah Anand Anma: Yeah. Absolutely.

RIK ASSFALG: And it still leads in the same essence. It still leads in the same thing. So yeah.

Sarah Anand Anma: Nice. Well, I know that nature plays a huge part in your life and we are part of nature and yet it’s so easy for us to kind of divorce ourselves from it or separate ourselves from nature but I’d love to hear a little bit about how you relate to nature and what that does for you. How does nature recharge your batteries?

RIK ASSFALG: Yeah I would never admit it publicly but now that it’s just you and me I had trees and stuff and…

Well, I live in the country side. I live in Switzerland in the country side on purpose. We have offices in metropolis of this world too. I love the silence of nature because it’s very loud. Like when you have a certain level of silence and you listen to how loud the drive and the thrill of nature is towards growth because it’s synced as we are. Nature wants to grow or die. There’s only 2 options. Nature’s very simple. Either it grows and it’s alive and it becomes a beautiful flower or an ugly animal or whatever and it grows, grow, grow, grow or dies. Very simple. Just we humans are we make it very complicated. We think we need to catch every trend. We need to catch everything now that everybody is social. We’re in social media before we were social with face to face social and in 5 years we will be social telepathic or whatever, you know. I love nature and I try to conserve it as much as we can. I try not to waste stuff. I try to not support food chains who cause a lot of garbage and stuff but honestly and you will laugh again but I really mean that seriously. I don’t think nature gives a rat’s ass about our garbage. I don’t think it’s that important as the human race really. Like those 7 billion ants who we really are from the perspective out there. I don’t think nature is really affected as much. Again this is marketed very well to create eco systems and to do this and that and because we’re so far away from a natural way of living. Like what we said spiritually seeing it with food. I have such a hard time now that I am really… this year for me is like a you know; I detox my liver a couple of times in the last year. I really want to get rid of all the toxic stuff that we carry in our body because of drinking off plastic bottles and having maybe gotten the wrong baby food when we’re still young that’s all within us still right? It is so hard you know. I mean when I am in the states I go to whole foods and stuff and it feels… it’s expensive so it feels healthy, right? I don’t know. I don’t really know. So you just trust it. The consequence would be you know to really plant your own vegetables and you know but then you can’t even be sure if that earth where you plant it or that soil is really still… you don’t know that. And so my take on nature is really not a fascist one. I love nature. I love to be nature. I feel blessed when I can… I live between the lake and the mountains. Two minutes I am at the lake, and like 10 minutes I am in the mountains of course by car. No, I am just kidding. But that’s what most people do. They drive with a car in the forest and then now, I enjoy it for 10 minutes and I drive back that’s how it is meant to be. I mean take the time to listen to the birds and we have our office again, I love nothing more recently than going somewhere in the mountains, there’s almost nobody there you meet only nice people there. Everybody greets each other and everybody’s nice when you meet somebody and there’s still Wi-Fi. There’s still you know cover… and I have my office in my pocket and if I am really needed from my team, I can be in nature and this is the last year and the last couple of years was a big luxury for me. And it’s really the opposite because I love nice hotels and stuff too, I love nice cars. I love the commodities that we have of course because I think they’re beautiful and they’re the best that we can achieve but do I need them? You need them for ego. For sure. Your ego needs them. You need them 100% but I met a very wise person whose name I don’t say publicly but he’s a very rich and very successful person and he taught me one thing and we are good friends now. He said to me “it’s not the Ferrari who made me want to get the Ferrari. I thought it was but when I had the Ferrari, now I can buy any Ferrari that I want. It’s the person I had to become that Ferrari.” I did not understand this quote the first time. I had to ask a couple of things and really think about it but I love this. I think if we are born with a talent or with a purpose and let’s go to the why quickly then we are… again it’s very subjective it can be for somebody it can be something they think is great and somebody else thinks to conquer the world is great. Whatever your dreams are, you’re right if they’re here or there. You’re right either way. So what I really learned or what I really love is that you can really… if you take it all in your mind and you carry it, you can really go a very long way and make everything work for you in a way that you want it. And then nature is what you carry within you more than hugging a tree. It’s more the energy from what you take from the whole system and what you give back. So you work and then you achieve to the very best you that you can achieve. I mean your very best. Now what’s within your comfort zone and “yeah I am the best.” No, no. Those who say they’re the best and who are the loudest are never the best. The best are the ones that you don’t know. Those are the best. And in every level of dream achievement, if you take nature within you, then this is really what I believe and that is only my subjective opinion. Is what connecting us most to nature. And then you would not automatically because you understand you’re part of the whole thing if you talk about one love. I mean if you talk about love wins, we need to talk about one love and one energy and in the end that might be too scary for some of you listeners. I don’t know who will listen to this if it’s public. For those who don’t want to hear this, plug your ears for a couple of seconds but you will find out that you are your worst enemy too. That neighbor that you don’t like, it’s a reflection of you. It’s one love. We are one energy. And if you don’t believe me, you don’t have to believe me but you will find out why in one moment in your future. And then you wouldn’t treat nature the way it’s treated and it’s mistreated and it’s raped right now. But what can we do if we go to the streets and everybody takes our car and we take maybe one in the back seat and we go for demonstration. I mean the whales will not swallow less plastic, the dolphins will not be caught in less nets because somebody wants a very cheap tuna fish in their favorite food chain. (inaudible: 34.38) these things, they throw it away. Yes, of course it caused 40 pens what do you expect? The whole system is corrupt. The whole system does not work the way we do it that’s why I am working on a book right now it’s called Stupid Evolution because that’s what we’re in. I think we are at a point where we are so clever that we are very stupid. And the future will decide how we are going to solve it. And if we are really as important as we think we are but yeah… honestly I don’t think that we are… that nature cares too much about us. I think if nature wants to get rid of us and you’ll see it. People are scared of earthquakes and stuff that is getting worst and worst then nature’s so much so… have you seen water really, you know, showing its whole power? We are a drop in that. There’s no chance. If nature wants to get rid of us, that’s very quick. They killed the dinosaurs. So we’re not stronger than that. We only think we are. We think we’re the cream of the evolution but we’re not. We’re in the stupid evolution that’s where we are.

Sarah Anand Anma: Stupid evolution. That’s great. Well this has been really fun. Thank you for hanging out with me and us today. I want our listeners to know that they can find you at RIK. R-I-K.live. RIK.live or you’ve got a podcast that they can find in karmafucksbest and that is F-U-C-K best. But again, thanks for being here. Great to be with you again. And I can’t wait to read this book.

RIK ASSFALG: I will finish it soon. I will send you one of the first copies to proof read it. Yeah. It’s beautiful. Thanks for having me. Hello to everybody who listens to this. Listen to what Sarah says. I can really whole heartedly say she’s a really pure soul. I love her and thank you for having me. See you and everybody else in real life very soon.


RIK ASSFALG is an entrepreneur, best-selling brand creator in the cosmetic niche, philanthropist and strategy and high-performance coach and mentor.

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