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Jonathan Levi Mizel Interview


  RIK ASSFALG:  So this is RIK.live with another episode of Karma Fucks Best to the place where there’s no right and no wrong and here I invite amazing people to share their view on things as life’s purpose,  spirituality and of course karma. And here we also talk unfilteredly about the truth behind success, abundance and we listen carefully and respect each philosophy and we use what works and lovably let go what doesn’t. 

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Simple Habits Toward Success


Success can be hard to achieve. RIK ASSFALG talks about simple habits towards success. You may think you can’t but you are in control 100%. Transcript: If you want to achieve things, you’ve got to first define what you want and you define what you do not want, and then you visualize the ideal outcome. Then, it’s very important, many people forget about that, it’s very important that then, and only then, you ask questions, and you’ve got to ask the right questions.

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Create Your Own Successful Environment


Create an environment where you can function spiritually, mentally, and physically. You have to feel well to do good. You have to be good to do well. You have to feel well to be good and you have to do good to be well. Create an environment for yourself where you can really bring the highest best of yourself on a focused, constant, and ongoing basis.

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Mind As Powerful Tool in Achieving Success


Hello! And have a great, beautiful, awesome day. Is your day great, awesome and beautiful yet? If not, I want to invite you to something that I just came up remembering myself. When we decide to take full control over our mind, full control over our thoughts, full control and responsibility about our thinking, at that moment, everything becomes possible.

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Success, What Does it Really Mean?


What does success really mean? Success for RIK ASSFALG is how we internally condition ourselves. A positive internal state will eventually manifest. Transcript: Hey! My name is RIK ASSFALG. R-I-K A-S-S-F-A-L-G.  And I am very happy to talk to you today because this is the place where we share some little insights that we figured out or we thing we are important for the world. Not because we know anything better, not because we are teachers. 

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Love More


The reason for love is love. As logical as this sounds sometimes we tend to forget it. So when you want to be more successful, when you want to become more loved, the challenge is really that you’re facing is to become more lovable first. 

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3 Act Marketing by RIK ASSFALG


ell the better story. Let me ask you a question. Do you really believe that other brands are more successful because they are better than yours? Do you think that other products are selling more because they have a price or a better unique selling core position, or if they’re …

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The Secrets Of Branding And Story


aining competitive advantage of one brand versus another is never quality alone, is never price alone, is never distribution channels alone. It is always and urgently connected with story telling. What is the story of the brand? What is the story of the product? What is the story of the …

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