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Describe A Perfect Match!


f I asked you for your perfect partner, how would you describe him/her? What would you wish for if you could have them all, who would you choose? Which habits and characteristics, looks and features would come to your mind? Have you ever REALLY thought about it? Let´s do it …

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3 Act Marketing by RIK ASSFALG


ell the better story. Let me ask you a question. Do you really believe that other brands are more successful because they are better than yours? Do you think that other products are selling more because they have a price or a better unique selling core position, or if they’re …

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The Secrets Of Branding And Story


aining competitive advantage of one brand versus another is never quality alone, is never price alone, is never distribution channels alone. It is always and urgently connected with story telling. What is the story of the brand? What is the story of the product? What is the story of the …

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Good Reasons To Not Sell To A Customer


here’s a certain immunity from certain kind of people who never learn from you, from what you say and what you have to say through words and your wisdom. Never ever take that into their lives and implement it because it just wouldn’t, they just won’t believe you. People believe …

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