Simple Habits Toward Success


Success can be hard to achieve. RIK ASSFALG talks about simple habits towards success. You may think you can’t but you are in control 100%. Transcript: If you want to achieve things, you’ve got to first define what you want and you define what you do not want, and then you visualize the ideal outcome. Then, it’s very important, many people forget about that, it’s very important that then, and only then, you ask questions, and you’ve got to ask the right questions.

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Choose To Be Nice


Always choose to be nice and success will follow. When you’re nice and grateful the universe will ear you clearly and give you what you really want. I ask you, how do you measure success at the end of a lifetime?

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Ready Enough For Your Own Luck


RIK ASSFALG talks about how being lucky way better to know to be ready enough for our own success. And how we can truly achieve what we really wanted. Transcript: Hey, this is RIK. RIK ASSFALG from Switzerland and today I would like to talk about LUCKY. “You’re so lucky.” Have you heard that too? People want to be like you, they want to be you. “You’re so lucky.

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Mind As Powerful Tool in Achieving Success


Hello! And have a great, beautiful, awesome day. Is your day great, awesome and beautiful yet? If not, I want to invite you to something that I just came up remembering myself. When we decide to take full control over our mind, full control over our thoughts, full control and responsibility about our thinking, at that moment, everything becomes possible.

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Don’t Pussy Out and Be Ready Enough


Well you should have it all, and if you do want to have it all, I have all that you need to know to make it all happen for you. Things magically fall in place once you are ready enough. So one of my new funnels for is: life prepared, wealth prepared, love prepared and success prepared. 

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Open Your Mind To New Opportunities


Hey there. My name is RIK and today I want to talk to you about; “what if I am not that fortunate?” “What if I did not get those opportunities other people seem to get?” “What if I am not born on the lucky side?” “What if my parents were poor?” “What if I am born with the wrong skin color?” What-what what et cetera.

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Okay and Fine to Awesome and Great


Make your ordinary days of just okay and fine to excellent turn your okay and fine to awesome, great, and excellent. Let’s make things better and better. Transcript: One quick tip for the day; never say “I’m fine.” Never say “I’m fine.” because “I’m fine.” in another sense is something you get if you did something wrong. If you park your car wrong what do you get? A fine. If you have a speed ticket what do you get? You might get a fine. 

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Brain is Ready Enough


The brain. A powerful tool that humanity is blessed with. RIK ASSFALG discusses on how we can use our brains towards achieving success. Transcript: So my big lesson learned today, again, was something that reminded me, that often, and I don’t know why this is, well I exactly know why …

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Describe A Perfect Match!


f I asked you for your perfect partner, how would you describe him/her? What would you wish for if you could have them all, who would you choose? Which habits and characteristics, looks and features would come to your mind? Have you ever REALLY thought about it? Let´s do it …

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