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The Power of Words and What you Say to Yourself


How do you talk to yourself. Are your words positive or negative. Do you affirm yourself often?… Words are very powerful and here’s why. Transcript: Did you ever meet somebody that you haven’t seen for a while? And they told you, for instance, that they live somewhere where they could’ve …

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Internet OFF

Hey guys! my name is RIK ASSFALG, R-I-K-A-S-S-F-A-L-G, and this one is a profound thought for the true, advanced believers and advanced business people and marketers, and people who want to be that.   [Jingle]   Hey! this is RIK, RIK ASSFALG, R-I-K-A-S-S-F-A-L-G. Yes the name is weird but get …

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Energy: Action that Leads to Reaction

Today I would love to talk about energy, coz energy is everything, I mean we are all energy, right? Energy is the one thing that connects us all, energy is the one thing that we’re consist of, energy is the thing that we give in and get out of things. …

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