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Happiness is a Choice… 10 Reminders On Happiness


  Happiness is easy! Here is RIK ASSFALG’s list of simple life hacks to happiness. Happiness is not a result but rather it is a choice. Forgive and let go. Even if it’s not your fault. Be the solution. If it cannot be solved, it’s time to move on.

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How to Avoid Disappointments in Business Deals or Team Meetings


RIK ASSFALG discusses methods on how to maximize and how to avoid disappointments in team meetings and business agreements for team performance efficiency. Transcript: New lesson for School of Boss. My name is RIK ASSFALG, founder and initiator of the school of boss which is the portal to help you …

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Simple Efforts to Big Results


RIK ASSFALG talks about simplicity and ways to big results using small efforts. Minimizing work and waste to bigger results and efficiency. Transcript: Hi this is RIK ASSFALG. The website is and I want to tell you a secret that you might find useful if you’re an entrepreneur, if …

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